11 Things Men Find Most Disgusting

8. You use profane and vulgar language.

Always maintain tact, grace, elegance, and poise whenever you conduct yourself. A man will always be more attracted to a princess than a peasant. So you should just stop using profanities every time you talk. Expand your vocabulary and impress your man with your wits and intelligence.

9. You do too much tanning.

This is related to the too much makeup item. Men like it when their women are able to carry their natural beauty around. They don’t have to resort to artificial methods of beautification. Sometimes, when taken to the extreme, it can drive a man away.

10. You try too hard to act cute.

Your baby talk and dumb-blonde act are not cute; it’s immature. Men don’t like it when their women play the incompetent damsel in distress all the time. They don’t want their women to be unnaturally cute. They want their women to be strong and independent.

11. You use too much perfume.

It can cause a headache. Splashing on a couple of sprays should be fine, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want your perfume to overshadow your glowing personality.

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