12 Signs That You And Your Partner Have Unbelievable Compatibility

9. You really support and encourage one another.

You both have your goals and your dreams, and you really support each other. You don’t serve as roadblocks for one another. You don’t get into each other’s way.

10. You both spend lots of time together.

Time is always a good indicator of compatibility. When you’re truly in love with a person, you would absolutely make the time to be with this person. You would never willingly give your time for things or for people that are unimportant to you.

11. You don’t stop caring for one another even when it’s inconvenient.

You would do whatever you could to make your partner feel loved and cared for. You would always try your best to make each other’s lives easier.

12. You make each other very happy.

Happiness is always going to be the ultimate goal at the end of it all. And if you really make each other happy in the relationship, then not much else really matters. You are better people because of your relationship and so you are grateful for it.

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  1. Hi, I am in a relationship now just over a year, His 69, I am 74 we live together, he wants to marry me but still has all his x girls on w/app but not chatting to him, is this sickness, my question is, why don’t he delete all of them, we talk about it but still they all there

    1. If this is a boundary for you then you need to make it clear, and if nothing changes, I’m sure you know what needs to be done. It’s better to be alone than in bad company. Who and what you surround yourself with affects your mental health and overall well-being. Best of luck!

    2. Judy, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and my bf won’t get rid of his daughters mom and his pictures that she posted on her and his Facebook page when they were together . I’m kinda wondering the same thing. Why does he need to keep them? My guy tells me that somewhere tucked deep down he still cares for her and that really breaks my whole heart 😞

  2. I’m in LDR now with my boyfriend..when we start a relationship he is single,last year he arranged marriage of his wife because of his father request for business partner.
    I’m so hurt when he told me about his arranged marriage,we both crying because we love each other,but he don’t have choice of his father decision.now even his married already he still contacting me everyday in my inbox,and he always told me that he is not happy in his marriage life,he told me he still want me and he don’t want me to leave,but he is married already. I still love him too,because we promised for each other before he getting married that he will stay with me and his heart is only with me until he die.that’s his promise to me,and I promise him the same.we always sharing our problem,even now,our relationship is still like before when he is single,and he always telling his all friends that I’m his real wife not his wife now..what will I do ?
    I want a healthy and no third party relationship.
    I want to broke up him,but he don’t want me leave him,because his happy of me than his wife now.
    He told me that his wife and him are not good now.

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