12 Things To Do Instead Of Texting Your Ex

Here are some other alternatives that you can take when you feel the urge to text your ex.

There’s no shame in admitting it. Sometimes, we get the powerful temptation to just message our exes and see what we can stir up with our words. These moments of weakness are particularly prominent immediately after breakups when the wounds are still fresh and people are still feeling very vulnerable. It’s understandable that you feel a little helpless and lonely after a breakup, but you should know that texting your ex as a result of your loneliness is never a good idea. Nothing good could possibly come from texting your ex. That’s why during these times of weakness, it would be better for you to just distract yourself with other things. Divert your pent-up emotions into more productive activities. Here are some other alternatives that you can take when you feel the urge to text your ex:

1. Phone your closest friends instead.

Why text your disgusting ex-boyfriend when you can phone your best friends instead? If you’re feeling lonely and vulnerable, your friends should be the first ones you run to. They are your friends for a purpose, and that’s to be at your side during your most troubling moments. You can always count on your friends to protect you from hurting yourself and wallowing in your own pain.

2. Start baking some goodies and treats.

Desserts are always a good idea. Don’t mind all the extra pounds that the sugar will give you. It’s okay to be a little bad every once in a while when it comes to food. You would be surprised at how therapeutic baking can be. Also, there’s no harm that a good brownie or cookie can do to your soul. That’s the reason they’re called soul food right?

3. Explore Tinder.

Don’t necessarily feel the need to jump into another relationship right away. Just test the waters and have some fun. Explore Tinder and use it as a distraction from your feelings. Utilize this opportunity to see that there exists a world beyond the relationship you’ve just ended. Know that the possibilities for your future are limitless and that this isn’t the end of your story.

4. Get your butt to the gym and work those muscles.

The best way to work your way out of sadness is to work out at the gym. Exercise has the power to enable peoples’ happy hormones and give them that natural high. Not only will you come out feeling proud of yourself for getting a good workout, this could serve as the start of a regular health regimen that you could follow.

5. Go on a Netflix binge.

In the age of streaming, there are no limits to distractions. Find a show on Netflix that you think would interest you and just immerse yourself in that digital world. Get lost in the vast depths of these narratives and storylines so that you end up forgetting about your own personal woes. Don’t let yourself wallow in your own bad mood, and use Netflix as a means to escape.

6. Take up boxing.

Boxing can be such a good form of relieving stress. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about punching something with all your might. Release all your anger on those heavy bags. You might come out feeling sore after, but it’s definitely worth it. Do it more regularly, and see the benefits that boxing can bring for your body too.

7. Go for a walk outside.

You should always welcome any opportunity to burn off those extra calories, right? Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the world by going for a long walk. If you have a dog, then take that little critter along with you to keep you company. The fresh air and nice scenery is bound to do you some good.

8. Go see a movie.

The movies are there for us to escape the harshness of reality. If you feel like reality is just a little too much to bear, go and see a movie instead. Call your friends up and ask them if they want to join you. If not, then go see a movie on your own anyway. Do anything that will keep your mind off of your ex.

9. Pamper yourself.

Get your nails done. Visit your local salon and get your hair done. Play with some new makeup techniques. Do everything you can to make yourself feel better about your situation. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be miserable.

10. Buy yourself something from the mall.

Shopping is said to be one of the most therapeutic activities that a girl could ever engage in. if you ever feel tempted to reconnect with your ex, just quit it. Go to the mall and splurge. Buy yourself that dress you’ve had your eye on for quite some time now.

11. Take a nap.

There are few things that a good nap can’t fix. Sleep it off. Get lost in your dreams. Naps have the power to uplift people from even the foulest of moods.

12. Delete his name from your contacts.

The best way to not text him is to erase him from your phone completely. Burn bridges and make some space for new people and experiences to enter your life. He was your past, he’s no longer your present, and you should start getting excited about the future.

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Have you ever texted your ex and immediately regretted doing it? I have done it a lot of times, guilty! Talk to me in the comments below!

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  1. I texted my ex five days after he broke up with me. It set me back but I’m doing better. It’s just so hard not to want to text him. I found that it’s easier to keep these urges under control by creating a fake account on messages or Instagram and texting that pretending it’s him. Tell the fake account ur feelings about the breakup and then end the conversation by saying “I can and will get over you” it helps me a lot!

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