12 Things you MUST do before Settling down!

When you’re alone and are experiencing newer things in life, this is the time when you’re growing by leaps and bounds as a person. If you plan this time carefully, it could be filled with fun and memorable moments. You could look back and say, Yeah! I did something that’s going to stay with me forever. You could do a lot of saucy things or connect with nature; it’s all up to you. However, this generation has a knack of wasting all it’s time in front of a smart phone. I gotta tell you; playing 8 Ball Pool on a Sunday is quite depressing.

Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t enjoy the present, your future could be as miserable as your present. So, get out of your bed and do these things before you get settled! I’m sure we all have a bucket list in our minds! What’s stopping you?

  1. Live life open-mindedly!

This life is fickle and if you go out with a mindset that you’re going to keep an open mind to everything that this life has to offer you, you are bound to stumble on to fun-filled adventures. Have your friends asked you to tag along with them? Go socialize even if you think it will be boring. Maybe you’ll meet someone interesting there or you’ll have a good talk with a stranger. Never underestimate life’s ability to surprise you.

Some introverts have a hard time socializing. They think that everyone is judging them. They have a hard time talking to people. They prefer watching a movie alone in their room. Sooner rather than later, you will have to step out into the world and it’s better to take a risk with your friends at a place where there is a slight possibility of fun rather than going to your boss’s office and listening to his constant bickering.

Most of us spend our time overanalyzing every opportunity that knocks on our door and while we’re overthinking, it just slips right through our fingers.

  1. Become Independent

One of the best things to do before getting into a relationship is to become financially independent and live your life on your own terms. A strong independent person has the required self-confidence that every person should have. Yeah, sure, they crave for someone’s affection as well, it’s all part of being human but they know that even in the absence of love, they can still enjoy their own company.

Life teaches you a lot of lessons and most of these lessons are learned when a person faces the challenges of life alone.

  1. Work out or indulge in your favorite sport!

Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Jogging daily or hitting the gym on a regular basis helps to get you in shape and makes you love yourself more. Trust me, people who cater towards their physically fitness are more driven to achieve success in their life. They are determined to achieve their goals no matter what the circumstances are. Sitting around all day dulls your mind and stunts your individual growth.

We might have some soccer fans on this page. Being a soccer fanatic myself, I have never let anything hamper me from getting into the field. It gives me pure happiness to have a ball at my feet. I’m sure; some of you have interest in some sport and want to try it out.

Well, what are you waiting for? Just go out and get things done. Reading the rest of this article isn’t doing your sport you know. I’m just messing with you. Seriously, read the rest of the things as well, they have pretty good stuff for you as well. – Continue reading on next page

  1. Ask yourself what you really want and take action!

We all have dreams and ambitions that we want to achieve at a certain age. The problem with most people is that they shoot for the stars but they’re too busy gazing the stars. They don’t take action. They think too far into the future.

If you have some goal you want to achieve, you˜re not going to achieve it overnight. It is a gradual process but if you procrastinate, you’re eventually going to run out of time. Do you wanna do skydiving? Just go for it. Forget about your normal routine. Break the habit! В 

  1. Connect with Nature

I know that we all can’t afford to go to distant exotic places. However, nature is everywhere. It resides in every country. You can go t o a domestic setting and just enjoy the picturesque views.

The bewitching nature will take care of the rest. It will provide you with the peace of mind you have been searching for.

There’s some special thing about nature. The fresh air can open your mind and instill optimism in your heart. It can give a direction to your arbitrary life.

If you feel like you’re lost or hopeless or depressed, nature can be your shrink. Just give it a chance.

  1. Spend time with your Family

Don Vito Corelone’s famous remarks were ˜If you don’t spend time with your family, you’re not a real man.’

Nowadays all kids do is ignore their family and don’t treasure what they have. They forget that we live in a world of mortals .They take their parents for granted. Our siblings and parents are a blessing and sure some parents are abusive and don’t deserve the same demeanor, but those parents who work day and night for their kids and love them more than their lives deserve the same in return.

If you have a strong bond with your family, trust me, you’ll never be alone in your life. You’ll always have someone who you can trust and share your troubles with. You’ll always have someone who you can open up to.

This new world order is pushing us away from people who really matter and we should take action against that. A little fight distances us from our family and our egos have become so colossal that we don’t even try to patch up with our brothers and sisters for months. What will we gain by doing that? Just ask yourselves that and think about it.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. Try writing!

Sometimes you can’t really speak to anyone. There is so much going on in your head and you just want to let it out. The fear of being judged makes you hesitant in expressing your feelings in front of someone. The best thing that you can do in a tricky situation like this is to pen down your feelings. Ernest Hemmingway said, All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Let that pain ooze out of your veins.

Writing can also serve many other purposes. It can be used as a memoir or a journal. Make sure you have something new to tell to the paper every day!В 

  1. Sever ties with Toxic people and find true friends

Cut off all ties with toxic people and people who bring a lot of negativity in your life. It’s now or never. You should stop meeting them and interacting with them. All they will do is bring down your self-esteem and hinder your progression. Trust me, it will be very hard to sever ties with them but it’s something you just have to do at all costs.

It’s time to make place for people who you can really trust. Someone who will be there for you through thick and thin. Someone who always has words of encouragement for you.

When you cut your ties with the negative people, you’ll start looking towards people who can actually make your life more purposeful. These are the people who are worth living for. These are the people who deserve the title of friends. You don’t need snakes disguised as friends. These imposters don’t deserve you.

  1. Do crazy things, relive your childhood

When I was small, I always used to ring the bells of different houses and used to just flee away. I miss those days.

If you are young in your head, then you shouldn’t care for what the society has to say about your behavior. Do crazy things if that makes you happy. Never let anyone tell you that you are too old to do stuff and even if they do, just ignore them and do your thing.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. Volunteer for social work and Help people!

Happiness is only real when it’s shared! Reporting to you from Relrules.com, this is Super tramp!

There is a whole world out there that needs your help. When you do social work, you get to see life from a whole different perspective. I think Samaritans are the happiest people in the world because they struggle for others instead of themselves.

Making someone happy is one of the most sacred things to do in my opinion. It just frees you from a slump of despair.

  1. Date someone different fromВ who you usually would

I know that you have a type. It’s okay, you don’t have to date the same kind of guy every time. Date someone different and see how it goes.

As I said before, life is all about taking risks and a life without risks is dull and boring. This new guy might be more interesting than your usual type. Although make sure, he’s not too interesting. Dr. Hannibal Lecter was way too interesting but he just wasn’t boyfriend material, you know. It’s just a shame.

  1. Read books and educate yourself

Colleges are only a means of education. Careers are a 21st century invention. Before these times, people used to study for spiritual awakening. They used to educate themselves to know more about themselves and to expand their mental horizons. Read different books with a mindset that you’re going to learn something from them. You’re going to experience something that will make you think about life. It shouldn’t be just about learning a skill to earn some money.

Talk to me

Tell us about the things you want to do before you settle down? Do you have a list in your mind? Are the things that we have mentioned similar to that list? Please let us know! We could further add to this list and generate new ideas for other people!

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