The Person Who Wants To Be In Your Life Would Make An Effort To Stay There

If a person were really meant to be with you and if they wanted to they would make that effort to be there for you

These people never fail to cement themselves in our thoughts. They always find a way to make their way into our minds as if they’ve belonged there since its inception. These are the people that you offer your heart to. These are the people that you carve valuable space out of your life for. You deliberately make drastic changes and significant adjustments just to be able to accommodate them in how you go about your everyday life. You do this because they mean a lot to you. This is the person you chose to open yourself up to; the person you revealed all of your deepest and most intimate musings to. This is the person you chose to make yourself fully available for. You gave this person more than just your time, affection, commitment, and effort. You gave this person everything you had to give. This person meant that much to you. And you didn’t even question it You never even hesitated. You didn’t flinch; not one bit.

This is the person who inspired you to become the best possible version of yourself. This is the person who pushed you to actually try harder at life. This is the person who motivated you to pursue your dreams and to achieve your goals with reckless abandon. This is the person who gave you the fuel and fire that you need to maintain your resilience and perseverance. This is the person who made you want to never settle for anything that was beneath you. This was the person who made you believe that ordinary would no longer suffice; that simplicity would no longer be enough. Not to say that you weren’t able to stand your ground before. You were already independent to begin with. But it’s as if this person has amplified and intensified everything in your life to degrees that you never thought possible.

But then you saw that things started to gradually shift for the worst. Slowly, the person you carved valuable space out of your heart for started to inch away from you. The person you chose to put ahead of everything else started to treat you like a second fiddle. You ended up feeling less and less prioritized than ever before. Instead of you feeling like you were the center of attention of someone’s life, you ended up feeling like someone whose face was lost in an ensemble of faceless people. The excitement was lost. The novelty started to vanish. You try so hard to cling on to everything that you can get your hands on but you find out that you don’t have the strength to keep them in your grasp. You start to understand that no matter how much you want to give, you still end up feeling shortchanged. It’s unfair. You curse the universe for this injustice. You curse humanity for this imbalance that you feel like you never deserved. But then when all the emotions die down and your left to wallow in your pool of nothingness, you start to realize that that’s life. And you have no one you can really blame except the person who left you.

Of course, there is the possibility that your deserters would make their way back to you. You can cling to that hope all you want. But then, for how long are you willing to wait passively? How long are you willing to stay idle; to let life pass you by as you wait? It can be difficult to come to terms with the idea that you may not mean as much to someone who meant so much to you. You wouldn’t want to let go of any possibilities to rekindle that flame all too quickly. You aren’t going to be so quick to drop your hopes like a hot potato. You will cling and you will cling with all your might. But it also gets to a certain point wherein it starts getting unhealthy for you and you are in dire need of some cold hard truth for this one. You shouldn’t have to wait for a person who’s really meant to be with you in that moment. You don’t have to take a passive role in your own life.

If a person were really meant to be with you and if they wanted to they would make that effort to be there for you. No questions asked. No excuses. No matter what the circumstance, they would be there for you to make you feel complete; to make you feel settled and secure. A person who is meant to be with you will be there with you in good times and in bad. So make sure that you don’t spend the rest of your life waiting for someone who really isn’t meant to be there.

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