The Reason People In Relationships Lose Sexual Interest According To Science

“Everything is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

Sex is a fascinating phenomenon. It’s taboo in some places and it’s perfectly natural in others. It’s as polarizing as it is intoxicating. Sex has built various business empires. It has fueled various industries. It has forged the strongest alliances. And it has destroyed even the happiest of relationships. Frank Underwood, the protagonist in the hit Netflix series House of Cards says that Everything is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.

It’s easy to agree with him. Modern society is so deeply engrossed with the idea of sex and everything that comes with it. Plenty of books, movies, magazines, and songs are inspired by the idea of sex. Everywhere, people are obsessing about perfecting sexual position in bed; people are daydreaming about the next sexual encounter they are going to have; people are thinking about their grandest fantasies in the bedroom. It has even managed to infiltrate the halls of science. All over the world, leading academics and researchers are shedding new light every day on the phenomenon that is sex.

In a recent study, 15 percent of men and around 34 percent of women have shown to express a lack of interest in the act of sex. The studies also concluded that the disinterest is primarily brought about by a number of factors; most notably age, physical fitness, and mental health. The high disinterest rates in sex are also likely to be found in people who have been victims of sexually transmitted diseases, sexual harassment, and sexual exploitation. And on top of all of that, most of the men and women who were known to be disinterested in sex were also those who were found to have struggled with past sexual issues. It is also likely for people who have emotionally distanced themselves from their partners to show a lack of interest for sexual activity in the relationship.

But the most shocking figure in the concluded study is that the composition of men and women who show a disinterest in sex is just starkly different. The number of women who have shown disinterest in sex is double the number of men. Why is this so? Why does gender play such a huge factor in determining sexual interest?

It’s been shown that the discrepancy is most prevalent in long-term relationships. Over time in long-term relationships, women have grown to substantially decline as far as their sexual interests are concerned when compared to men. The more comfortable a woman gets in a relationship, the less interested she tends to become in sex. Specifically speaking, the 1-year mark of a relationship is enough of a substantial time frame to see a substantial drop in a woman’s sexual interests.

Of course, this isn’t going to come of as a surprise to a lot of people. It’s normal for a lot of couples to experience a decline in physical attraction the deeper they get into a relationship. However, science has also concluded that one of the best ways to actually sustain a relationship is to make sure that the physical attraction and sexual activity is refreshed and sustained over time. A couple that allows its sex life to steadily decline is essentially dooming itself into a breakup according to science.

And don’t be discouraged by thinking that everything you’ve been readings so far applies to you and your relationship. This is not a very uncommon scenario and it’s probably even happening to a lot of couples who are around you as well. Leading scientists have claimed that plenty of relationships falter whenever they settle into a predictable routine in their sex lives. The familiarity and the mundane nature of repeated sexual activity can often lead to couples getting bored. When here is a lack of a surprise factor during sex, it takes away from the usual excitement and exhilaration that comes with sexual activity. Experts believe that the best way to shake up a sex life is to try out new sexual positions or to have sex in new settings or different locations.

One particular expert in the field of sex has concluded that plenty of couples should choose to adopt the quickie method. Sex doesn’t always have to be about longevity or duration. Sometimes, it can be counterproductive to prolong sex just for the sake of prolonging it. It takes away from the natural sensation of the experience. Having sex and achieving climax within a short time frame can do wonders for stimulating a couples’ sexual interests. Also, simple gestures like hand holds, hugs, kisses, and caresses are enough to build physical intimacy between two people which could translate to a renewed sex life.

Lastly, science has concluded that stress is a big downer when it comes to sex. Plenty of couples experience a rapidly declining sex life whenever the stress in their personal lives are taking a toll on their emotional and physical well-being.

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