16 Signs You Are Going To Be Forever Alone

Heed the warnings before you’re left alone forever.

Do you like to work late because you know you have no one to go home to? Do you avoid family gatherings because all your aunties want to set you up with their daughters? Well, you surely are on the road to being the kind of person who remains single all their life.

There are more signs to prove the theory:

1. You hate cuddling:

You cannot sleep or cuddle with anyone. You do not like anyone in your bed and take the whole space so no one can share it with you. You have multiple pillows sleeping with you in every direction, and even if it is a very large bed, there will be no space for anyone else to share.

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2. You do not have confidence in yourself:

Whenever someone flirts with you, you think it’s just some silly dare given to them. That is because you do not have confidence in yourself and your appearance. You cannot believe someone might like to know you better and start dating you. You have to understand that it’s not always a dare. Someone can like you.

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3. You don’t like yourself:

You think no one can like you because you do not like yourself. You do not think that you are worth spending time with and even get bored spending time with yourself. You lack self-love and care and are too ignorant towards yourself.

4. You cannot share food:

No one can touch your share of food; if anyone does, they must be ready for exploding lava at the dinner table. Sharing food scares you; you cannot even think of letting anyone touch your plate. Desserts are your weakness, and no one, not even your best friend, can have a glimpse of your food.

5. Netflix is your one true love:

You have recently thought that Netflix knows you better than anyone else and sharing your account with anyone else would seriously mess up your algorithm. It knows exactly what you want to see and when. It doesn’t let you feel lonely in the hours of loneliness.

6. Shaving? No way!

You have no concern with good looks. You hate shaving and wonder why people spend so much time removing that hair. You like to go free and natural; although you care about your hygiene, you are not concerned with shaving. Whether it is the beard for boys or legs for girls, shaving for a loner always remains a no-go region.

7. You hate cooking for others:

You’ve spent so much time alone that cooking for someone else seems like the hardest job in the world. You love cooking for yourself and are an expert at making single-serving meals but cooking for someone else is tough. You mess up with ingredients and quantities and cannot afford to make something for someone else.

8. Your cat is the deal-breaker:

If you ever get a suitor (which seems impossible) at your home, you see your cat’s reaction and determine if it likes the person. Your cat decides if you should date the person because you cannot do it alone. Having zero expertise in this field, you value your cat’s opinion more than yours.

9. Your cat hates everyone:

Uh-oh. The reason why you are not with someone as yet is that your cat hates every single person on Earth. You do not want to be with someone, and commitments scare you more than anything. You do not care if you’ll remain single throughout your life; the thought of sharing your life with someone is scary.

10. The pact:

The famous pact with your best friend, when we turn 35 and have found no one, we will get together by then. This pact seems more realistic than the thought of being with someone. You know that your best friend is going to find someone so you can take yourself out of the pact without having to break it.

11. Everything seems closer to you than a human being:

You actually find things to be closer to you than human beings. Apart from your friends and family, you have no concern with human beings. You get uncomfortable if anyone other than your friends and family tries to care about you. You like your freedom and independence more than your fellow human beings.

12. Your perspective is different from others:

You don’t believe in meeting that special person with whom you will settle. You think you can easily survive with your Playstation and food your mother stocks in your fridge every week. You feel more real with your things than anyone considering being with you.

13. It’s either the sweats or a partner:

You love your torn sweats and cannot even think of throwing them out. You even wear it on one of your dates (if there is one) and don’t mind telling your partner how old these sweats are. If you think they are not okay with it, they can find someone with perfect clothes, but that person will never be you.

14. Social media is the real deal:

You have more friends on social media than in real life. You are more comfortable with your friends over the Internet than having them over for a sleepover. And if you meet them in real life, you use their name tags from social media as if they are not real people. This is because you like them in that much space, and having an actual human being beside you for longer than an hour is hard to bear.

15. The delivery guy will never know you are single:

You have the tactics and charm to persuade the delivery guy that the order for 3 is actually for three persons. He will never know that you live alone in that apartment and eat all that food alone. You love this tactic of yours and never want to discard it.

16. Don’t even mention Valentine’s Day:

That is a no-go area! How can people be so romantic? You puke every time you hear the word ‘Valentine’s.’ Nothing is grosser than seeing the world covered in red flowers and balloons. The day is a waste of time, and you have no idea why people spend so much time choosing gifts for their partners or even expressing their love so openly in front of everyone.

If you think you have all these traits, then you will be forever alone. Nothing can melt your heart and persuade you to give up the life of a loner and meet someone to spend your life with. Even the thought of being with someone is scary.

Talk to me

If you’re someone who even remotely matches this criteria, talk to me about what holds you back. Is it the thought of being hurt? Have you been through a rough breakup? What is it? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. I’m not gonna lie some of those criteria’s do fit me. I love Netflix, I have a beard, and I have really no confidence at all. A lot of my relationships in the past have been total failures. I feel like I really will be alone forever to be honest

  2. I am alone. Both in real life and digitally. A notification is a once in a lifetime happening. But they’re mostly low battery alerts. F.

  3. I meet some of the criteria. I had an abusive mother. I was terrified of her as a child and I guess I never learnt to feel safe or comfortable around others.

    I ran away from home when I was 15 and I’ve been alone ever since. I worked hard, went to medical school and I’m now an ICU doctor. At 35, I can honestly say that I feel happiest when I’m on my own. I have my hobbies and interests, and I like working my routine. It’s not perfect but that’s ok!

    I cannot imagine myself spending time with people let alone an SO. The social interaction I get at work is enough for me.

    When people talk about being alone forever, it’s easy to make the person feel somehow defective. In my own experience, I get very little comfort from others and I’ve succeeded fine by myself.

    I worried about being alone in the past but as I’ve gotten older I realise that this is the right path for me. I have no reference of what a relationship is and therefore I have not actively sought that kind of thing out.

  4. I have over half these. The touching my food no way. If you wanted the Chocolate cake you should of order it you are not getting bite. And no I am not going to share plate with you I did that to much with my cheap ex husband. Yes if you don’t like my pets than you can hit the road. WHAT is wrong with loving the single life.?

  5. Left out a few important reasons. Not going to accept lies to be a relationship
    Not gonna be in a multiple person relationship

  6. I do have little self confidence in myself. But I don’t have many of the other characteristics. I still feel like I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life and it makes me so sad.

  7. I’ve had relationships in the past , and I’ve tried everything under the sun from dating apps too speed dating and it leads to wasting time thinking that there’s someone out there for I hate the saying “there’s someone out for everybody” or “you’ll know when it’s the right time”

  8. Same, same, same. I’m with most of these comments. Failed relationships = trauma. Worked hard to get to retirement. I don’t want to share myself, my time, my energy on lies and disappointment. It’s not worth the time and heartache.

  9. Alot of those mentioned are just due to my introverted self. I’m still able to socialize in an event though.

  10. I don’t have a conference in me and I don’t like myself. Currently I am in a new city where I have no friends to talk to. Previous relationship was so toxic that I don’t want to have any relationship.

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