Why Your 20’s Is The Best Time To Have A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are generally considered as a close to impossible thing. It has become such a scary thought for people that even before trying, they give up.В School gets over and universities are far off from each other what’s the first thing they do, assume they might break up.

It is a scary thought, undoubtedly, to imagine someone not being there at all, someone who has been a part of every moment of your life. In other cases, imagining the most important person of your life not present physically.В Their friends are different from yours, their activities are different, their routines are different and many a times, their time zones are different. It takes a lot of will, honest intentions and actions following those intentions.

It requires the double amount of everything from a normal relationship. Double the trust, double the faith, double the everything but that shouldn’t scare you. If anything, it should make you two stronger because if you can fight this distance, you can actually fight anything as a couple.

Long distance relationships require a lot of adaptability and flexibility, thus the ideal age for that is when you are in your 20’s. Here is why:


In your 20’s is when reality is hitting you. You are realising that every relationship is not a fairytale and that somewhere all of us have to compromise to make things work. That is how you earn that ideal partner in your life.

Because your hearts and minds are opening up and you are realising that there is a lot more to a relationship than what you thought in college, you unconsciously become more understanding and accepting. It becomes easier for you to forgo and trust your partner’s intentions.


As you grow, you become more and more rigid and stubborn in your ways and it is usually a disaster when someone older tries and adjust to their environment.В In your 20’s, you are learning new things and painting the canvas of your mind with new colours of life, that’s why it is easier for you to adjust and make the compromises that the relationship requires.


At this age, your hopes are high and you can put in more faith than someone who is much older and has experienced many broken relationships. Cheating and deceiving is something that really breaks a person and the older you are, the more you have experienced,В which kind of makes you lose faith in the purity of love and partnership.

Long distance relationships especially require extra hope and blind faith. Sometimes, you have got to go with your gut and heart even if apparently the case might seem different, you have got to listen to your heart. It requires quite a lot of strength to go against what your eyes see and to believe in what your heart says.


At this age, you are mostly discovering your own self and need time for that. Couples of this age mostly have fights based over how they don’t have time for each other or how they always have more important things to do or they put their ambitions before them.

A long distance relationship gives you the perfect balance you need to strike between your relationship and your goals in life.В You get time to discover yourself and test your potential while still wanting to talk to your partner and tell them all about it.

So you see, LDRs aren’t all that bad. They build up excitement for when you two meet each other again. It really makes you realise the importance of having your partner by your side. Their absence truly teaches you their value and when you finally have them to yourself, you really make them feel important. You give them what they deserve. This is what brings you two closer than ever.

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Are you in a long distance relationship? How is it going for you? Share your LDR experiences with me in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive. Distance doesn’t matter.

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