3 Days No Text From Him? Do This If He Doesn’t Text You Back

3 days no text from him

When you pour your heart out to someone, you always expect a reply. It sucks if, after 3 days, no text from him has arrived. Is there Anything more nerve-wracking than waiting for a guy you like to respond to one of your text messages? You develop an interest in a guy. You feel like you have taken a very serious liking in him. Yet, despite your best efforts, he hasn’t texted you back. What the hell? What’s his deal? Is he into you or not? What are you supposed to do next?

And while it might seem like it’s the end of the world for you, there’s no need to panic. Here are the things that you need to do if he hasn’t texted you back yet.

Why Isn’t He Texting Back?

What are the possible reasons that he isn’t texting you back? What’s the problem here? Well, this is the problem. A lot of girls just automatically assume that it’s their fault that the guys aren’t texting them back. You shouldn’t be making that mistake. There are many possible reasons why a guy might not be texting you back. And a lot of them might not even have Anything to do with you.

Sometimes, he could be busy with work. Perhaps, he’s just dealing with some personal issues. Maybe he has problems with his phone and is trying to get a new one. You just never know. These are some very plausible scenarios, and they don’t concern you one bit. In any case, here are a few things that you should do in case a guy hasn’t texted you back yet.

1. Don’t Do Anything

Don’t do Anything. Resist the urge to send a follow-up message too quickly. Sometimes, a guy might be testing you. And you never want to come off as overeager. You did your part by texting him already. The ball is in his court. Just wait and stay patient in the meantime.

2. Look at the Bigger Picture

Always try to look at the bigger picture. Again, the reason that he isn’t texting you might not even have Anything to do with you at all. So, instead of just obsessing over when he’s going to send you a reply, focus on other essential things in your life.

3. Set an Ultimatum for Yourself

You can’t wait forever. Set a deadline or ultimatum. If he still hasn’t replied to you for over a week, you can opt to send him a text message if you’re still interested. If you’re not interested anymore, then just move on.

Final Thoughts

You should never allow any guy to hold so much emotional ownership over you. This is especially true for a guy that you’ve just met. You are going to have so many other opportunities to meet men in the future. The love of your life is out there waiting for you. It’s just a matter of you being patient enough to wait for him. Don’t cry yourself to sleep over a guy who isn’t worth it.

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