3 Passive Ways Your Partner Could Be Preparing To Break Up With You

Don’t get played.

Not a lot of people are comfortable with being confrontational. There are just so many individuals out there who don’t have the guts or the courage to face high-pressure situations. It’s just an inherent part of their personalities, and so other people have to learn how to adjust to them. There are so many cases of people who stay in relationships that they want to get out of just because they are afraid of initiating a breakup. This behavior is not only frequent in relationships. It can also be found in other various cases in life.

For instance, some people continue to stay at jobs that they hate just because they’re afraid of terminating their contracts with their current company. A lot of university students will stick with a degree or program that they’re not interested in because they are afraid of having to ask their parents’ permission to change degrees. It’s a very common trend these days. People will accept their own internal suffering in an effort to avoid confrontation and awkward situations. However, there are some ingenuous people who have found a way to circumvent this problem. They will slowly and gradually lay the groundwork for a possible plan of escape and so they won’t end up having to bear the weight of a conversation. Hate the job that you’re working at?

Turn in some poor performance reviews every now and then. Don’t like the degree that you’re studying for? Then start hinting at your interests in another field of study. Hate the relationship that you’re in but you don’t want to initiate a break up with your partner? Then slowly lay the groundwork to do so that absolves you of any responsibility. You have to be very wary of when you feel like your partner is starting to lay the groundwork for a breakup with you. You don’t want to end up being blindsided. Breakups are difficult enough as they are, but they are even more difficult to bear if they catch you by surprise. At least if you are able to anticipate a breakup that is coming, you will be able to prepare yourself in an emotional and mental level.

So how can you tell that your partner is sneakily trying to lay the foundation for a breakup with you? Well, you just have to keep vigilant and be wary of the signs. Be critical of everything that comes out of their mouths. Read on until the end of this list to really find out the blatant red flags that signify an upcoming breakup. Here are a few passive ways that your partner is preparing to actually breakup with you.

1. He casually says that he really isn’t over his ex or his previous relationships.

The very fact that he’s still mentioning his exes or past flames during your conversations is a red flag in it for itself. You have to understand that if he truly was in a loving and healthy relationship with you, he wouldn’t be thinking about his exes and romantic history so much. And he sure as hell wouldn’t be bringing them up in conversations. If he does, you have to be open to the possibility that he’s merely using them as scapegoats. He wants to end things with you and he wants you to believe that it’s because he’s still dealing with emotional trauma.

2. He says that he really likes being friends with you.

This is a dangerous comment and you have to be very careful of what you make of it. It can be seen as a compliment, and you can think that things are all fine and dandy even when they aren’t. At face value, it can seem like he’s essentially telling you that you have great chemistry with one another because you have a strong foundation of friendship. But underneath the veil, he’s secretly telling you that he would just much rather be friends with you because the romance between the two of you is either dying or nonexistent.

3. He starts bringing up career or life plans that don’t necessarily coincide with yours.

This is a timeless scapegoat that a lot of people will use to end relationships. It’s timeless because it’s always effective and it’s always going to be relevant. Of course, relationships will always require some sense of reconciliation in terms of planning and preparation. Couples in relationships will have to be willing to talk about their futures together if they are in the business of sustaining their romantic union. Their plans will have to coincide with one another’s and they will have to build individual lives that mesh well with each other.

But when your partner starts brining up some plans that just don’t coincide well with yours, then now he has a plausible alibi that he can use to terminate your relationship. He will say that you both just want different things and it just didn’t work out in the end.

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