Not all love stories are going to have people who are immensely in love with one another on a very profound and deep level. Sometimes, there will be two people who get into a relationship in spite of having shallow and infant levels of love and affection. You might be in that kind of relationship yourself. You might actually love your partner, but you get the sense that they love you so much more than you love them.

That means that there is a real imbalance in the relationship and this worries you. You might think that this is a sign that your relationship just isn’t meant to be and everything that the two of you have built together is going to go to waste. You have to understand that you’re going to meet a lot of different people throughout your lifetime. And every single one of them is there to serve some kind of purpose – some of them less or more profound than others. If it just so happens that this relationship of yours isn’t going to last at all, it still managed to serve its purpose. It still has meaning and substance.

It just happens sometimes. You might love someone to a certain extent and so you try to give things a shot with one another. But then the love that you have for them doesn’t really go anywhere. The love that you have doesn’t really grow. And you know that you can’t really force yourself to love them more than you already do. That’s why you have to just come to terms with the fact that this relationship isn’t meant to be and you need to move on.

You might be a little apprehensive at first. You might think that it would be more convenient for you to stay in the relationship. You might think that it’s a better idea to just stay together rather than rock the boat and break everything up. You tell yourself that you love your partner and that that should be enough, right? But no. That’s all wrong. If you know that you can’t love someone the way that they deserve to be loved, then you need to be able to let them go. You need to be able to break away from that. You need to come face to face with the reality of the situation: you’re not meant to be.

And how do you know for sure that you’re not totally in love with someone as much as they might love you? Here are a few things that you can be on the lookout for:

1. You don’t really feel the need or desire to communicate with them.

When you’re truly in love with a person, you would always want to do whatever you can to connect with that individual. And that connection is built with proper communication and openness. You would always want to be engaging in constant talks with the one that you love most in the world.

However, if you feel like you would rather not open up to the person you’re with, it’s obvious that you’re not really all that concerned with strengthening your bond and connection as a couple.

2. You have daydreams about breaking up with them.

You secretly fantasize about what life would be like for you if the two of you would just break up. This is a blatant sign that you are clearly unhappy with the way things have turned out in your relationship. You aren’t really getting the kind of happiness or fulfillment that you thought you would be getting.

And that’s why you find yourself daydreaming about an alternate life wherein the two of you aren’t together. You might be daydreaming about what it would be like to be single or what it would be like to be with another person altogether. Regardless of what you fantasize about, it’s all because you aren’t happy with where you are at now.

3. You feel alone in spite of the fact that you’re in a relationship together.

Even though you’re in a relationship with someone, you still feel like you’re all on your own. You might be spending all of your time together, but it can still feel like you’re just spending more and more time with yourself. In spite of your companionship, you still feel somber and solitary.

This is all because you don’t really share a deep connection as a couple. This is because the companionship that they give you doesn’t really offer you much meaning or fulfillment. You still feel like you are being left out even though they make so many efforts to make you feel included.

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