4 Things Women Consider As Cheating That Don’t Involve Sex And How You Can Fix It

Cheating isn’t just physical.

Cheating in a relationship is the absolute worst and you should never be taking part in that kind of shadiness while in a relationship. And you have to understand that cheating isn’t necessary a black and white issue. It can take its shape in so many forms.

In fact, what you might consider to be normal and innocent behavior can already be considered cheating for your girl. And you always have to be careful with how you act because your actions can greatly impact how your girl feels about you and the relationship as a whole. 

Of course, let’s get the obvious out of the way. A vast majority (if not all) of women will consider the following to be acts of cheating: one night stands, prolonged sexual affairs, kisses and make out sessions, sexts, and nude messages will always count as cheating. These acts practically aren’t in the gray area anymore. They’re blatant manifestations of unfaithfulness and disloyalty.

But what are some examples of acts that fall within the gray area? What are some examples of cheating that are debatable and vague as far as their levels of unacceptability are concerned? Be very careful. You never know when what you’re doing is already considered cheating but you might think it to be completely innocent in your own mind. Well, here are some examples of actions that women would consider to be cheating and what you need to do to fix things.

1. You still own and manage an online dating profile.

This is still considered cheating even though you’re practically not really engaging in relations with the other people who are in this online dating network. It’s just that the very fact that you’re still on a dating profile at all hints at your inner desires to keep your options open and that’s where the problem lies. It means that you don’t really have faith in the relationship that you’re in and you want to have some fallbacks in case your relationship doesn’t turn out right.

How do you fix it? Just delete your profile. Get rid of it. Show your girl you aren’t even thinking about exploring other options anymore. And if you’re still hesitant to do that, then that tells you a lot about the kind of partner that you are.

2. You get emotionally involved with a third-party individual.

Just because you’re not getting physical with another girl doesn’t mean that you’re not cheating. Remember that cheating doesn’t always have to be physical. There are many levels to cheating and it doesn’t always have to take a physical form.

You would be surprised at just how many women would consider emotional connections with another woman as cheating. They believe that part of being in a committed relationship is being able to rely on one another for both physical and emotional comfort.

How do you fix it? Instead of turning to people outside of your relationship for emotional support, look for it from your partner. Be vulnerable. Allow yourself to open up and just trust in your partner’s ability to take care of you.

3. You send out flirtatious texts to other girls.

This can be considered as cheating because texting other girls in a sexual or romantic manner is never something that can be considered as innocent at all. It doesn’t matter that you don’t act on your flirtatious texts. It doesn’t matter that you don’t necessarily want a relationship out of it. The intentions don’t matter. It’s the act itself that’s the problem.

How do you fix it? Just stop texting other women especially when your partner tells you that she’s uncomfortable with it. If you’re just feeling a lot of flirtatious energy, then you just have to be able to keep that energy within your relationship. You can’t just ignore your partner’s wishes on this matter. You have to understand that even though your intentions might not be particularly harmful, your actions still carry their own emotional weigh.

4. You go out for lunch, dinner, or coffee with a girl you’re attracted to.

You shouldn’t be hanging out alone with a girl you’re attracted to at all. It’s just too shady. It’s okay for you to get attracted to other women outside of your relationship. It’s only normal. You’re only human. But it’s another thing entirely when you start acting on your feelings of attraction. That is a blatant sign of cheating right there. It doesn’t matter that you know you’re never going to have a relationship or whatever. It’s still bad and you should be cutting it out.

How do you fix it? If you really enjoy this person’s company, then ask your partner to just join you for a group hangout. That way, you can enjoy one another’s company as friends. Nothing shady has to be going on and you’re still keeping your partner in the loop.

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