5 Early Relationship Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

At the beginning of a new relationship, everything seems exciting and wonderful. We often see the other person as perfect for us. But it’s important to be honest with ourselves and notice any warning signs that things might not work out.

Some signs are not obvious but still important, like feeling trapped or unhappy. It’s crucial to pay attention to these signs for our own happiness and to avoid being in a bad relationship.

1. How they treat other people

At the beginning of a relationship, both people often show their best side. This is normal and okay. But if the way your partner treats you is very different from how they treat others, it’s a reason to be concerned. It’s okay to be polite, but pretending to be someone else is not good. Watch how your partner treats people they might see as less important, like waiters or janitors. If you don’t like what you see, it could mean they’ll treat you the same way eventually.

2. They are still hung up on their ex

This means that their former partner is still part of their life. Now, this situation could be harmless. We all have people we used to date and are still friends with. However, if your partner talks about their ex excessively, there might be a reason. Find out what kind of relationship they have with their ex and make sure you’re okay with it before you continue in the relationship. If it seems like they might want to get back together be cautious and do something before it’s too late.

3. Your boundaries don’t seem to concern them

Most of us have personal limits, and that’s okay. Boundaries help us feel safe and in control of our lives. Some people like to keep parts of their life private – things at home or work-related matters. It takes time to build a place in someone’s life and earn the right to be close to them. When someone tries to push their way into your life too quickly or insists on things, they’re crossing your boundaries. This might not seem like a big deal at first – like pressuring you to go out when you’re tired after work – but these things can add up over time and cause problems.

4. They bully you into submission with guilt

Did you miss one date three weeks ago and now it keeps coming up in every discussion? That’s a classic guilt trip. It could be direct, like accusing you of not caring enough, or silent, like giving you the cold shoulder. Either way, it’s not a good sign for a healthy relationship. In a mature relationship, people talk about their feelings and concerns openly without throwing fits. If you’re only doing things because you feel guilty, it might be a sign to consider ending that relationship.

5. They are not happy being themselves

You might feel special because your partner focuses a lot on you, but this could be a problem. A good relationship needs both people to be happy independently before being happy together. If your partner relies on you for their self-worth and can’t find happiness alone, it’s not a good sign. When someone isn’t happy on their own and depends on you too much, the relationship might not satisfy them, and their negativity could affect everything. In this case, it’s better to leave before things get worse.

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