5 Relationship Experts Reveal 12 Tips To Maintaining Intimacy In A Long-Term Love

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Maintaining intimacy in a long-term relationship isn’t always going to be as easy as a lot of couples might initially think. A lot of people in relationships will assume that just because intimacy is so easy to come by in the early stages of a romance that it’s always going to be that way.

But these couples are in for rude awakenings. The deeper that two people get into a relationship, the more difficult it will be to actually maintain a sense of intimacy between them. And it’s always important for couples to be fueling their intimacy in the relationship.

We’ve all heard stories of two people who love one another and yet end up drifting apart somewhere along the line. The reason that two people who love each other and yet still drift apart is because they failed to recognize the importance of maintaining an emotional bond and connection with each other.

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And part of maintaining that bond with another person is always trying to stay intimate with your partner. The moment that two people take their relationship for granted; and they stop trying with each other, then the relationship just fails as a whole.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. If you feel like you and your partner are drifting apart somewhat, then you need to be able to make that change – you need to reignite that spark in your romance once more. And how exactly do you go about that? Well, intimacy doesn’t always come as easily to some couples as others.

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And it’s okay to ask for some advice every once in a while. And the good news is that the world’s leading relationship experts have highlighted 12 tips that you can use to maintain the intimacy in your long-term relationship.

1. Get rid of the expectation that you’re always going to agree on everything.

You’re just going to end up disappointed if you expect that you and your partner are going to be on the same page on everything. Learn to work through your differences. Try to find a system of compromise that works for the both of you.

2. Accept the fact that your partner is imperfect and flawed.

Part of being intimate with one another is being able to acknowledge your partner’s blemishes and imperfections. When you are able to do that, you will make your partner feel accepted and loved.

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3. Remind yourselves of why you love each other often.

It’s always important to go back to your “why” whenever you are having doubts or second thoughts about your relationship. Just remind yourselves of why you fell in love with one another in the first place – and why it’s good for the both of you to stay together.

4. Have a happy and healthy sex life.

Physical intimacy is very important in a relationship. The happier and healthier your sex life is, the closer and more connected you will feel as a couple.

5. Make it a point to focus on the things that make you happy in your relationship.

Sometimes, external stressors can really put pressure on a relationship. And that’s why you always need to focus on the positives as a couple so that you don’t drown in the negatives.

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6. Really pay attention to one another.

The more you listen to each other, the closer you are going to be as a couple. It’s only through paying attention to each other where you will really get a chance to see into your partner’s heart and soul.

7. Respect your partner’s need for space and privacy.

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you are entitled to violate your partner’s sense of privacy. You still need to be as respectful as possible.

8. Be vulnerable and open towards your partner.

There are very few things that are more intimate than having two people just completely open up to one another in a vulnerable space.

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9. Have a life for yourself that you could be proud of.

You have to be presenting yourself to your partner as a human being that they can be proud of. If you are living a very unhappy and disgruntled life of your own, you will be making it very hard for your partner to want to connect with you.

10. Always be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

Part of having a dynamic relationship that is always growing is being able to adapt. And if you refuse to adapt as a couple, you risk getting left behind.

11. Put consistent effort into your relationship.

There are very little things in a relationship that effort and commitment won’t fix. So as long as you’re willing to work hard for your relationship, you always have a fighting chance.

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12. Learn to let go of unnecessary arguments.

Having arguments in a relationship is okay – but you have to be able to pick your spots. Not all arguments are worth having. In fact, he unnecessary arguments are only driving the both of you further and further apart.

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