9 Sad Signs You’re Not Truly Intimate With Your Partner

It’s always important that you and your partner have a very healthy sex life in your relationship. And that’s why it can be very disappointing to know that you’re in a relationship wherein you’re not enjoying the sex. This can prove to be a very significant problem between you and your partner – and a lot of times, this problem is only made worse whenever you are hearing about the healthy sex lives of your peer in their relationships. However, you have to know that it’s only a serious problem if there is no solution. Fortunately, you can always try to fix any problem in your relationship if you show enough drive and willingness. The key is in recognizing that there is a problem in the first place.

You first need to recognize that you aren’t really happy with the sex life in your relationship. Next, you’re going to have to figure out WHY you’re unhappy with everything that’s going on in your sex life. And that isn’t always going to be easy. Of course, it’s possible that you have some mental health issues or physical limitations that keep you from actually enjoying sex – and that’s something that you have to fix with a physician or professional. But there will also be some problems that lie within the dynamics of your sex life – and these are the kinds of problems that you really need to be able to talk to your partner about.

It might feel very awkward and uncomfortable for you to broach the idea of discontentment with your sex life in the relationship. However, this is a conversation that the two of you really need to have. If you continue to put this conversation off, you risk having the two of you grow apart as a couple. And you wouldn’t want that. Remember that in any kind of romantic relationship, you are always going to want to build on your levels of intimacy. And the pinnacle of physical intimacy is always going to be sex. You are practically at your closest when you’re having sex with one another. There is nothing more inherently intimate, vulnerable, and beautiful than two people who are having loving and romantic sex. For a lot of couples these days, having a strong sexual connection is essential in sustaining the passion and romance in the relationship. And so, if you’re interested in actually making sure that your relationship stays as strong as it is for a long time, then you should determine that there is a problem worth fixing.

1. You put off having sex with your partner.

You put off having sex with your partner because even though you may not realize it, you don’t really enjoy it. Your subconscious always tries to find an excuse to get out of it.

2. You always fantasize about having sex with someone else.

Whenever you do have sex with your partner, you don’t really stay focused in the moment. You find yourself fantasizing and daydreaming about being with someone else.

3. You actually cheat on your partner in a sexual capacity.

One really big and terrible sign that you’re unhappy with the sex in your relationship is when you look towards people outside of your relationship for sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

4. You feel like sex is more of a burden and obligation.

You don’t really feel like having sex with your partner is a privilege or a treat that you get to look forward to. You see it as more of a chore or an obligation that you have to fulfill in your relationship.

5. You NEVER fantasize about your partner anymore.

You don’t really fantasize about the idea of being with your partner any more because none of it just turns you on. You aren’t sexually attracted to your partner because you’re unhappy with the sex life you have together.

6. You leave your partner to make the first move.

You NEVER initiate the sex in the relationship. You are always looking to your partner to make the first move because if you had it your way, you wouldn’t even be having sex at all.

7. You don’t feel safe to bring up what you want in the bedroom.

You don’t really feel like you are safe to express what you want to happen in the bedroom. The sexual chemistry is just off but you don’t feel like your partner would want to listen to you talk about your sexual needs and desires.

8. You always feel disappointed and unfulfilled after sex.

You never get that feeling of satisfaction after having sex with your partner. There is no feeling of fulfillment or meaning at all. It’s just some random physical act that the two of you happen to have engaged in.

9. You get the sense that you’re not doing too much for your partner.

You feel like you aren’t really making your partner feel satisfied either.

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