6 Facebook Statuses That People Have Just Got to Stop Writing

Social media has essentially consumed the everyday life of modern civilization. When was the last time any of us spent a full week without checking our Facebook feed? For the vast majority of us, we can’t even go a full day without updating ourselves on the current events that surround our immediate social circles. The Facebook News Feed is a magnificent technological marvel. It’s where we get our daily source of global news, cute puppy videos, and a video of the latest trending internet phenomenon.

The Facebook News Feed is also where we get our updates on our friends and what they’re doing with their lives. Most of the time, it can be pretty entertaining, but a lot of times, it can be frustrating too. You come across almost seemingly typical Facebook posts or statuses that just rub you the wrong way, and it happens multiple times. So this article is essentially a love letter to the authors of all those annoying Facebook statuses. Please, just stop. Social media usage is a privilege and we mustn’t abuse it, should we?

6.The One That Leaves You Hanging

Feeling Annoyed, FML, Having a really bad day, Feeling Disappointed

That’s it? You’re going to leave us hanging with your vague statuses? It can get really annoying. You obviously want people to know that you’re not feeling particularly ideal, but you leave out all the juicy details on purpose. We get it, everyone want to feel like people care about them enough to ask questions about their situations, but really, it gets annoying. Your needs for attention don’t have to infect our news feeds. I’m sure a lot of your friends would care about you without you having to leave them hanging with extremely vague statuses like that.

5. The Inappropriate Emergency

I’ve just gotten into a really serious car accident, Slipped and fell down some stairs, That’s a really strong earthquake

Maybe the next time you’re faced with a serious life-threatening situation, your first instinct shouldn’t be to post about it on Facebook. Try making a phone call to your closest friends, family, and loved ones to update them about your situation. Try assessing your emergency and think about any possible remedies to your situation. Social media updates should be the farthest thing from you mind during these compromising moments. The world can wait to know about your emergency, there are no needs for real-time updates.

4. The Private Message That’s Posing as a Status Message

You are the most annoying piece of sh*t on earth!!, When you have a problem about me, why do you have to go behind my back? Say it to my face!, Some people (especially you) just need to STFU!

There’s a reason why Facebook offers you the option of privately messaging individuals on your friends’ list. It’s so that these private messages that are directed at very specific individuals in particular don’t end up finding their way on everyone else’s news feeds. It’s really annoying and people don’t necessarily want to be that invested in the drama that surrounds your life. If you want to say something to someone or to a specific group of people, posting a status message isn’t the proper way to go about it. You’re essentially just adding more unnecessary trash on the news feed that a vast majority of people don’t need to read about. – Continue reading on the next page

3. The Hashtag Hoarder

Just finished running 5 miles! #running #fitness #winning #runner #girlswhorun #imtoofitformylife #fitspiration #runwithmesometime Look at this incredible turkey that I’ve just taken out of the oven! #chef #cooking #imgordonramsey #wifematerial #recipequeen

See how incredibly irritating that can be? Hashtags have their place in social media. In fact, they can enrich the entire social media experience when used properly. There’s really no need to post so many hashtags for one single Facebook status. It also gets pretty annoying when you try to fit whole sentences into a single hashtag. #seehowannoyingreadingasentencelikethisis? It’s painful to the eyes and to the mind. If you’re one of those social media hoarders, I’m probably unfollowing you. #justsaying

2. The Play-by-Play Poster

Just woke up! Beautiful day! Heading into the shower now To wear jeans or shorts? Mmmmm these eggs taste delicious! #BreakfastOfChampions

OH MY GOODNESS. How boring is your actual life that you feel the need to post about it every single second instead of just actually living it? Get your fingers off that phone and start living life like the rest of us. We don’t feel the need to post about every single detail of our life. There’s a reason why people don’t like or comment on your posts.

1. The Unfriender

Decided to do a little clean-up for my friends’ list. If you’re still able to see this, then you’re one of the chosen few.

Honestly, we have no problems when you decide to clean up your news feed by deleting some friends, but there’s really no need to advertise that you’re a pompous snob. We might just end up unfriending you too because of a post like this.

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