6 Intimate Things You Can Do To Help Fix Your Broken Relationship

Just because something is broken doesn’t mean that you should throw it away. You can still fix it to make it better again.

The act of falling in love with a person might seem all easy and simple. And for the most part, it really is. You meet someone and you connect with that person. You see that both of you might have some serious potential and so you decide to take a chance on one another.

The intimacy is there right off the bat and you want to do whatever you can to harness that intimacy and turn it into something special. And if things go your way, then you both develop on whatever chemistry or connection that you have. You both end up falling in love with one another and you get really serious about your relationship.

But the deeper you get into your relationship, the more you realize that things aren’t so simple after all. When you really get into the thick of things, you will come to realize that sustaining love is infinitely much harder than falling in love.

There are so many complications that come with maintaining relationships – and you must always have the will, determination, patience, and temperament to help pull you through. And sometimes, even when you have the best of intentions and noblest of love, things still end up falling apart.

And that’s the risk that you run whenever you do fall in love with someone. You risk losing that love and breaking yourself in the process. But love should always be worth that risk. Now, whenever you do fall in love, it’s always important for you to put yourself in the best position to find success in that love. You always want to give your relationship a fighting chance at surviving. Too often, there are people in this world who let their relationships go to waste because of a lack of effort or a misguided sense of romance.

Don’t let that happen to you. It’s very rare that we get the chance to fall in love with someone who loves us in return. And so whenever we do get that opportunity, it’s very important that we don’t squander it. So, don’t panic just yet if you find that your relationship is headed downhill. It happens.

You aren’t always going to be going through easy and smooth times. You will have your fair share of trials and rough patches, and you’re going to need to know what to do to pull yourselves through. Now, it may come instinctively to you or it may not.

But the important thing here is the will to act. Without first developing that will, then you risk just watching your relationship crumble before your very eyes. You have to be determined to do whatever you can to save that relationship. And if you show that willingness, then you’ve already won half the battle. In case you’re feeling lost and you don’t know what to do to help fix the broken parts of your relationship, then you can refer to this article as a starting point.

Of course, all relationships are unique and you don’t have to limit yourself to the things that are listed here. But it can serve as a great place to start.

1. Put more thought and effort into planning for dates.

Dates are always great opportunities for two people to connect and reconnect with one another in a relationship. That’s why you can’t afford to be taking them for granted. You need to put more effort into planning your dates because these are precious moments that the two of you can share with one another in an intimate space.

2. Consistently talk about where you are in your relationship and what you can do moving forward.

It’s all about being honest with where you are and having the resilience and determination to plan for where you’re going. You have to be living in the moment, but you must also have an eye for the future. Keep that balance as much as possible.

3. Seek professional help if necessary.

There’s no shame in seeking professional help. Sometimes, we are all in need of a little guidance. And if that means having to turn to licensed professionals, then you should take that opportunity.

4. Live a more independent life that you are responsible for.

You can’t always be passing the responsibility on your partner. That’s the quickest way to burn them out and drive them away. Learn to live on your own despite being in a relationship. Be more independent and do things for yourself.

5. Support your partner’s need for freedom and independence as well.

And in connection with the previous item, you have to respect your partner’s needs to practice independence as well. You can’t be slobbering all over them all of the time. You don’t want to suffocate them.

6. Engage in more hobbies or activities together.

Sometimes, all you need to do to work on your relationship is to focus your energies on something that you can share with one another. For some couples, they can do something as extreme as having a kid together. For others, it can be something as simple as sharing a new hobby.


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