6 Signs All Trustworthy Men Have In Common

Trust is one of those components of a relationship that keep it together. If two people in a relationship are going through a rough, if they can’t seem to get perfect for a while, the one thing that will keep their relationship going through this time and any other testing times is the trust and love they have for one another. The trust between two people is what brings them back to each other. It builds the foundation of a stable relationship.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who’s great fun, very admirable, you both enjoy the excellent chemistry between you two. But if you can’t trust your significant other, then before you know it you will see your relationship fall apart right in front of you. That because we can’t expect a relationship to go on perfectly if we can’t entirely, blindly trust our partner. If deep down, we’re in a rational fear of being cheated on by them, being lied to, being hurt or any such thing, then that’s because our partner hasn’t earned their trust, and the relationship can be dragged on for too long in the absence of trust.

Trust isn’t something that we freely, generously bestow on someone without having them work towards really earning it. Especially in a relationship, trust has to be earned by both people. It’s something that a couple achieves with patience, perseverance, love, and honesty and once, two people have built that foundation of trust for their relationship, nothing can stop them, nothing can come in their way. Because trusting someone is such a delicate, risky thing to do, how can you know the guy you are deciding to believe, or already trust is trustworthy? How do you make sure you’re going in the right direction of this?

Something like trustworthiness comes with maturity and sensibility. For a lot of people, to get at a point where they can be trusted is a challenge because to make commitments and stick to hem isn’t as easy as it may sound. People may go through several failed relationships before finally settling into one where have earned the trust of their significant other. But that does not necessarily apply to everyone. Keeping one’s words and promises, staying committed, being honest, respecting and valuing women, being polite and gentlemanlike, valuing a connection like relationships is something men learn when they’re growing up.
Before you decide to give a man something as precious as your trust, here are some things you need to notice about them because they are signs that will suggest this man is really deserving of it.

1. He doesn’t hide his phone from you:

Respecting everyone’s privacy is essential. If you are not making sure to respect someone’s privacy, then you probably are not letting yourself trust someone, to begin with. Don’t ever go snooping around checking his messages or calls. With that being said, if your man loses it the minute, you grab his phone if he gets defensive and asks you never touch his cell phone then read it as a red flag. If he always makes an excuse when you ask to borrow his phone something, if he still does something or the other to makes sure you can’t get your hands on it, and if you do he can have it back as soon as possible, then something is not right. He’s keeping you in the dark about something, and you need to think about trusting you too well.


2. He doesn’t avoid talking on the phone around you:

Its okay if he has to go walk to a corner to take a call. But, if he is never ever talking on the phone when you’re with him, prefers to miss a call than take it and talk while you’re there if he’s doing things not to let you hear the things he says on the phone, he’s trying to hide something from you. Your boyfriend or husband should be okay with you having his phone in your hands, he shouldn’t straight up get alarmed if he has to talk on the phone in front of you. A trustworthy man will not be in the habit of avoiding phone calls around you. he

3. His friends and family know about you:

He doesn’t treat his relationship with you like it’s a secret. People around him know about you. You’ve met his friends and family. He’s proud of having you around him at dinners, weddings, parties, etc. etc.

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