6 Stages In A Relationship That All Couples Go Through Before Breaking Up

These are the painful stages of breakups.

Breakups are really rough. They are tough to bear and that’s just true for anyone. No mature person goes into a relationship with the expectations that things are going to end badly. A lot of us get into relationships with people filled with optimism, hope, and noble intentions. That’s why it can be incredibly devastating when all the dreams and expectations that we set for our relationships just come crashing down on us without mercy. 

For some people who are lucky enough, they are able to brace for the emotional turmoil that comes with breakups. They see when the breakups are about to happen whenever things start feeling a little off in the relationship. There are subtle changes in the dynamics of the relationship that signal the end is drawing nearer and nearer. Not only do the dynamics of the relationship change, but you might see some alterations in the personality of your partner as well.

So yes, it’s perfectly possible for you to predict your breakup if you know just how to read the signs. While it doesn’t fully take away the pain and disappointment of having to break up, at least the expectations can help ease the blow a little bit. When you get blindsided by a breakup, it just becomes all the more difficult to get over it when it’s all said and done.

So in order to prepare yourself more, you have to gain an awareness in the relationship for whenever you feel like the love is just slipping away. There are certain stages that these doomed relationships go through before the actual breakups happen. Whenever you see that your relationship is going through these stages, then you are faced with two choices: it’s either you do your best to salvage what’s left of your relationship and try to still make it work by turning things around or you just accept what you think is the inevitable and just brace yourself for incoming doom.

1. You give up on fights even before they happen.

The strongest kinds of couples are never afraid to have occasional fights. They know that conflicts and confrontations are important aspects of communication. They aren’t insecure about having difficult discussions with one another because they know they have the kind of love that can withstand all kinds of conflict. But in your case, the relationship has become so fragile and unimportant that it’s just not worth the stress to engage in fights with each other anymore not matter how petty.

2. There is a drop in your sex life.

That’s always a quick and clear indication that something is wrong with your relationship. There’s no denying the importance of having a health and active sex life in relationships these days. When there is a sudden dip or alteration in your sex routine as a couple, then you can bet that something is really off. Couples who are genuinely in love will always be up for some fun sexual explorations with one another.

3. The very sight of your partner repulses you.

You know that something is off in the relationship if the sight of your very own partner just disgusts you. In a typical loving relationship between two people, one would always be excited and aroused at seeing one’s significant other. However, in your case, you are just so fed up with the toxicity and negative vibes that your partner brings into your life. The relationship no longer brings you the joy and butterflies that you once felt when you were first starting out. Instead, it brings you anxiety and stress.

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