6 Subtle Signs That Your Ex Misses You

signs ex misses you

If you’re fishing for signs ex misses you, that’s fine. It’s okay to admit that you’re curious about how your ex-boyfriend might be doing. No one is going to be making fun of you for that. It’s a very reasonable and human experience to have. Of course, if you were indeed in love with this guy, then he meant a great deal to you. Even though you might already be over him, that doesn’t mean that you no longer think of him now and then. You might not be able to help yourself, and that’s okay.

Heck. It’s possible that you might even still have feelings for him and are thinking of getting back together. That’s okay too. Whatever the case, it’s perfectly normal to wonder if your ex still has feelings for you or not. One great way to know if they still have feelings for you is to see if they still miss you. But how can you tell? Well, there are a few signs that you could be keeping an eye out for. Here are a few signs that your ex still misses you.

1. He Goes Out of His Way to Run into You

When you’re out and about, you find it strange that you keep running into your ex all of a sudden. What could this mean? Maybe it’s more than just an accident or a coincidence. It might be possible that he’s scouting your whereabouts at all times because he just misses you so much.

2. He Keeps Sliding Into Your DM’s

He’s deliberately using any excuse he can to try to communicate with you. He so badly wants to communicate with you that he keeps sliding into your DM’s. Right now, he’s just making the most out of any opportunity that presents itself.

3. He Comments on All of Your Social Media

When you post a new picture, he likes it. When you share a meme, he comments. It feels like he’s watching your every move on social media at this point.

4. He Asks Your Friends About You

signs ex misses you

He’s genuinely curious about how you’re doing. However, he doesn’t want to come off too overeager. So, what does he do instead? He texts your friends. He asks them about you. He’s still very much invested in your life. He still feels like he has a stake. Also read, 5 Realistic Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back One Day.

5. He Asks You if You’re Seeing Anyone

Uh oh. Is he asking because he’s concerned about you? Is he asking because he wants to know if he still has competition? Either way. This is an excellent sign that he’s invested in your love life. He misses what you used to have. And he’s curious as to whether you’re already experiencing what you had with someone new.

6. He Texts You Out of the Blue about Random Memories You’ve Shared

It’s obvious. He’s trying to take advantage of the nostalgia factor. He misses you quite terribly, and he’s desperate for you to miss him the same way. So, he tries to bring up some of your fondest memories to trigger a sense of nostalgia within you. He wants you to miss him too.

    1. Nope. You just didn’t/don’t have the clarity.
      You were my e…..too.
      But when u said this long back, I reckoned as a 3 letter word and we all had a hearty laughter, remember? Now I know why I didn’t catch the cues which were thrown at. The b/w photograph was a big firewall. Now, as days pass, deciphering multiple comments, I am sad to see how things are turning up. It hurts much deeper than hearing I was worthless. Thanks.

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