6 Things To Remember When Your Heart is Breaking

It’s weird to think that anything good can ever come out of an experience so devastatingly painful but actually, it does. Every heartbreak and every heartache teaches us more and more in life. Heartbreak is life’s most effective teacher that teaches the most shockingly realistic lessons.

Some of us learn at the first heartbreak and don’t fall for the things we had once fallen for but some of us keep on falling for the same thing again and again till we learn them. There is no easy way of going through a heartbreak and to be honest, heartbreaks aren’t meant to be easy. You are meant to feel sore all over. You are meant to feel like a thick potato is stuck in your throat when you try to talk about your partner. You are meant to feel like you weren’t valued. You are meant to feel unappreciated and at a loss of words to describe how hurt you are.

But know that every time your heart breaks open, it is just making space for a few lessons that you shall carry with you all your life to save you from the unpleasantness of another heartache. If you are going through a painful heartache maybe these lessons will help you understand and make most of what you are feeling.

1. Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Want

It’s the most realistic fact of life, unlike all those fairytales, where you meet the love of your life and you stay together for eternity. Life doesn’t happen like that. You might meet someone, you might love someone dearly but you might not be loved back and you know what, we have got to deal with it! But here is another fact about life.

2. It Goes On, It Gets Better

Life doesn’t stay the same. It is constantly changing, at times for good, sometimes for worse, I am not going to lie to you but know that bad times aren’t forever so don’t let yourself fall. Good times aren’t forever either so when they happen, cherish them so they act as the strength you need during hard times.
As everything moves on, so will you and will actually find the love of your life. Trust me, if I can guarantee you anything, it is this: you will find The One and they will make all your past partners feel like a joke. So shrug off the dust from that broken relationship off of yourself, make space for something great coming your way.

3. Strike A Balance, You Are Equally Important

Throwing yourself at someone’s feet will get you nowhere with them. This is one of the biggest regrets when you have a heartbreak. You regret being the kind and loving person you have been and every piece and bit of your soul screams to be anything but kind anymore but that is not the way to think.

You were made for someone better, someone who will treat you equally but before that happens, it’s time you take this lesson:


You can’t put yourself second all the time. Soon, you will be the only one trying to make things work till you cannot anymore. Don’t reach that point, save yourself the pain.

4. Sometimes, Love Isn’t Enough

You may love someone with all of your heart, yet you still find yourself with your heart broken and shattered. I couldn’t understand this at one point in life when I decided to make myself go through the misery of loving someone with anger and control issues. Not that such people don’t deserve to be loved or anything.

It’s just that their partners need to have different kind of qualities in them, maybe not the ones I had. It is hard to understand but at times, your love might fuel someone’s worst side. Yes, it is a bizarre thought but I have experienced it. You know when two perfect people say, ˜ We weren’t good for each other’, this is what they are talking about.

5. Having A Few Friends Of Your Own Always Helps

When we love someone, our lives become everything about them. From our future plans to daily routine, not one activity of our day goes withoutВ having them in it. You realise the importance of friends and family when you lose this one and only anchor in your life. It is important to be close to your partner but it’s essential to have a small group of your own with whom you can share a bit of your time with.

6. Life Is Beautiful And It Will Prove That To You

Eventually, whatever you are going through right now, you will recover!В As I said in the beginning, it might seem like the end of world, but it isn’t.В Life works in mysterious ways and you know what’s even more mysterious? Love!В It will get to you, it will hit you and leave you awed at how amazing life can be. So it is completely all right to grieve and to let all those muffled screams out of your system, let it out till you are tired of crying and wiping off your tears.В But once you are done, never look back. Keep your head held high and wait, wait for the best thing of your life to happen to you!

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How did you recover from your heartbreak and how long did it take you to come back to normal? Let me know in the comments below. I will try talking to as much of you as possible in the comments. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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