To the person who is worried after their First Breakup

After her first breakup, she was very depressed, her whole world had changed. It was like someone had moved her centre of gravity and she was left floating in a space created of her own pain. She felt as if an important part of her was ripped away. She somehow managed through the day, the busier it was the easier it was for her to push her pain aside, but the nights, they were rough, and memories of her ex haunted her.

Loneliness was the only emotion she felt, she didn’t feel like doing anything most of the time, she felt useless. Hopelessness had become a part of her existence. She feared that she might not ever feel loved again. Life seemed too long. It was hard to breathe, to blink, to feel and the world seemed colourless. Had she really become incapable to love and trust?

Situations like these come in everyone’s life. You are not the only one to feel the way you do. Listen, it’s okay to feel this way because you have been hurt. It would not be okay if you didn’t feel the way you did. Most people have to face these experiences alone. It may be a warning situation for the person and their family if not dealt with properly, but everything can be handled with love, patience and kindness.

As human beings, we understand that happiness, sorrow, success and failure are an important part of life. Where happiness and success help you grow confident and make you a sensible part of the society. It is sorrow and failure that build your character and give you the best lessons of all. Once you have faced these obstacles, you come back stronger than ever. So, every trauma, emotion and situation has its own importance in your life. Every person might look like an enemy to you and you might think that there is a scammer sitting around every corner, just to swindle you. You start looking at this world from a different perspective.

After going through such an experience, ideas, perceptions and your ability to show kindness; everything changes. Pain gives birth to a new person. For any person who faced failure with their first true love, hear me out,

˜You need to surround yourself by people who care for you, people who understand you and people who show kindness to you and everyone else, so that you too may be able to find within yourself the compassion that you once had’.

No doubt, bad experiences are heavy on the heart, but it does not mean that you should give them the chance to take over your mind, soul and body.В *Continue reading to the next page*В 

Do’s and Don’ts

1. Do’s

The best ways to overcome the discomfort caused by a bad relationship are given below.

  • Change the environment

Get out of the situation that is causing so much discomfort. Move out for a few weeks. Go on a trip with friends. Visit family members. Go camping with colleagues. There is more to life than sorrow, live a little and smile.

  • Get yourself busy with family members and toddlers

Keep yourself busy, hang out with friends. Take grandma to the movies. I can swear by this- babies and children are the best way to boost your mood. If you don’t have any of your own, visit someone who has them. They will surely turn that frown into a smile.

  • Start a course or entrepreneurship

Learning something new is bound to lift your sprit. A new task in a new environment will take your mind off of things. It will give you the confidence to move on.

  • Engage yourself with hobbies

Play sports or adapt a new hobby. Engage yourself with old ones. Do things for personal satisfaction. You have no idea how good you will feel if you do something for yourself.

  • Try to fall in love

You might feel like your universe is about to end but it’s not, there is so much love to give and share. Fall in love, get hitched and have beautiful babies. You have no idea how much joy is out their waiting for you.

2. Don’ts

Everyone tells you what to do but no one tells you what not to do. Here is a list of things you should avoid.

  • Avoid thinking about the past too much

Easier said than done, but you will never be able to overcome the heartache if you keep thinking about your past.В *Continue reading to the next page*

  • Don’t discuss your heart break with others

Discussing it with others will only cause you more pain and remember; not everyone who listens is a well-wisher. You will relive the pain every time you discuss what happened in the past.

  • Don’t be hyper

You might feel crazy, but you are not. It’s just a phase you are going through. Listen to other people calmly and be patient about situations. Being fussy or paranoid isn’t going to do you any good.

  • Try to avoid social media

Being active on social media is going to attract unnecessary attention. You don’t need people asking you what happened, it’s your life, don’t expose yourself. You mayВ alsoВ come across content that might upset you.

  • Don’t watch movies about heartbreak

If you are suffering from a broken heart, go ahead and watch ˜Borat’. Don’t watch a sob story, it will only make the situation worse. Avoid listening to sad songs too.

Try to act upon all the points given above.

Talk to me

To the person who has been through a though breakup. You will rise and come back bigger and stronger. You can easily overcome your grief by following the advice given above. I’m here to listen, share your sorrows with me in the comments below!

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