6 Uncomfortable Reasons You Need To End The Relationship Even If You’re Happy

Sad but very true.

Happiness is important. But it isn’t everything in a relationship. You must always remember that even as counter-intuitive as it may seem. There are plenty of couples all around the world that breakup despite the fact that there was never a lack of happiness in any of their relationships. You have to understand as early as now that relationships aren’t necessarily going to be strong and healthy just because the people in it are happy. Breakups can still occur in relationships with elevated levels of happiness and often, these are the most difficult kinds of breakups to deal with. These are the kinds of breakups that can really break a person and suck all the happiness out of someone’s life.

As human beings, even elementary philosophical thinking will lead us to believe that the pursuit of happiness is always going to be life’s greatest goal. And while there is some truth to that, it’s not always that simple. Life is never going to be that simple. Relationships don’t necessarily translate to instant happiness and that’s a fact. A lot of people are going to go about their lives happy, but they might still feel incomplete or discontent with the state of things. For instance, they might feel like there is a lack of growth and development in their lives because they are in such a happy, comfortable, and stable place. That’s the almost paradoxical way of finding a reason to be dissatisfied even though you’re happy.

It’s the same with relationships. Just because everything is happy and stable in your relationship doesn’t mean that you’re really meant to be together. It’s perfectly normal for you to be dissatisfied with a stable relationship because you’re only human and you’re always wired to want and aspire to more things. You probably know by now that love alone isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. It’s the same with happiness as well. Yes, happiness can be your greatest goal for you, it could be the end to all your means. But you have to understand that what you perceive to be happiness in the relationship could also be fleeting. It could be temporary.

Nothing is set in stone. And even though you might be happy with your relationship now doesn’t mean that that happiness is going to last forever. Remember that the happy relationships are the ones that are really difficult to move on from after a breakup. You’re really happy now but as soon as you get your hopes up about a doomed relationship that is gradually becoming your sole source of happiness, you are going to set yourself up for severe heartbreak when the relationship ends. So take care of yourself and don’t be deceived by temporary happiness in a relationship. Here are a few reasons that you might want to break up with your partner even though you’re happy in the relationship.

1. You both want different things in life.

You don’t really share the same expectations and standards for the relationship or for each other. And while that may not seem like a very big issue at the moment, it’s going to affect the both of you greatly as you move forward in the relationship.

2. You don’t share the same values and principles.

It’s very important for a couple in a relationship to always share fundamental values about life. Physical attraction may be enough to keep you together at first, but your shared values will be what make for a sustainable relationship.

3. Your friends and family aren’t supportive of the relationship.

Sometimes, your love and your happiness can blind you from the potentially destructive nature of your romance. You have to make sure that you are keeping all bases covered by also asking for an outsider’s perspective.

4. Your happiness in the relationship is only your own.

It’s probably a good idea for you to assess not just your own happiness but your partner’s as well. There are too many times wherein the happiness in a relationship is one-sided and that may be a direct result of incompatibility and dysfunctionality.

5. Your relationship has no direction or structure.

One sign that a relationship isn’t really meant to last is when it doesn’t really have any sense of structure or direction. Sure, you might be happy, but is your happiness taking you anywhere? Your relationship is stagnant and the happiness is fleeting.

6. You make decisions on your own and not as a couple.

Maybe part of the reason why you’re so happy in this relationship is because you are the one who is calling all of the shots. This is ad because it generates imbalance in the relationship and your partner might not be able to handle everything you demand in the long run.

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  1. No.4 & no.6 is very true .must b on same page…u r working too hard to make it work. This is a project afterall..alignment is much more crucial

  2. Yes, you are right that’s exactly what is going on even in side of me, am really tired, have tried a lot to change my husband mind, the man is very hard, even I don’t know what to do, am in marriage with my husband for good 16 years, still his still Hiden for me, even interm of sexual he didn’t have time for me, in fact am crying inside …….

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