9 Things You Have To Avoid Doing Right After A Breakup

Breakups are always going to be rough. It’s never an easy situation when you are forced to make sense of all your feelings and emotions following a breakup.

It’s always an emotionally overwhelming situation and sometimes, the influx of feelings can just compromise your better judgment. And whenever that is the case, you might find yourself making some very questionable decisions. But you don’t want that. You are already feeling particularly broken and vulnerable.

You already feel like you have a very tall climb ahead of you. You don’t want to be digging a hole for yourself by resorting to some very unhealthy and self-deprecating acts.

It’s normal for you to feel lost and disoriented after a breakup. It happens a lot after a person goes through an emotionally traumatizing ordeal. But you still have to try your best to regain control of your sense.

You still want to make sure that you don’t do anything that might be holding you back from moving on and healing your wounds. You still want to be doing everything possible to make sure that you get yourself on the right path to being okay again. And that all starts with you making the right decisions after your breakup.

That also means making sure that you avoid making certain mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that people make after breakups and you should definitely make it a point to avoid them.

1. Don’t stalk your ex’s activities on social media.

You shouldn’t be obsessing over what your ex is posting about on social media. You don’t need to know about what videos they’re sharing or what photos they’re uploading. You should just be concerning yourself with your own life. Don’t engage in these bad social media habits if you want what is good for you.

2. Don’t ask mutual friends about what your ex is doing.

Don’t keep pestering your mutual friends about what your ex has been up to. It’s always best for you to just hold on to your dignity and focus on your own life instead. You don’t want to be giving your ex this kind of power over you even after you’ve broken up.

3. Don’t compare yourself to their new partner.

Don’t do something so destructive so as to compare yourself to your ex’s new partner. Just because they moved on faster than you doesn’t mean that you’re losing. For all you know, that new partner might just even be a rebound. That shouldn’t be any of your business anymore at this point.

4. Don’t just stop taking care of yourself.

A lot of women will just stop taking care of themselves as a result of their breakup. They will lose all hope in life and they will take that as an excuse for them to just give up entirely on taking care of themselves. Don’t you dare make that mistake. You must always be making it a point to take care of yourself no matter what.

5. Don’t pretend like you’re fine even when you’re clearly not.

It’s never healthy to be faking your feelings and your emotions. Yes, you want to be in control of your own feelings. But that doesn’t mean that you should just be sweeping them under a rug and ignore them altogether. You must still make it a point to come to terms with how you really feel.

6. Don’t let your breakup affect the other aspects of your life.

Yes, a breakup is devastating. But you must still make sure that you are maintaining your composure despite being so emotional about everything. You can’t let your breakup affect your work life or your social life. You don’t want these other aspects of your life to be suffering as well. Try to keep it together to the best of your abilities.

7. Don’t jump into a new relationship right away.

Never engage in any kind of rebound relationship. Whoever you use as a rebound isn’t going to be deserving of that at all. Just learn to grieve and deal with your problems without necessarily having to drag other people into it.

8. Don’t shut yourself off from everyone else.

You aren’t going to be able to do this on your own. You are still going to need the help and support of the people who love and care about you int his life. Don’t shut them out. Ask for their help if you feel like you’re falling apart at the seams.

9. Don’t hold on to their stuff.

Either return their stuff to them or just get rid of them entirely. There’s no point in holding on to your ex’s shampoo in your bathroom because they’re never going to come back to you. Holding on to your ex’s possessions is going to keep you from moving on in a healthy manner. It’s also very damaging for your confidence and your self-esteem.

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