6 Ways to Attract the Right Person In your life

Relationships are not that big a problem as we have made them; of course each one of us desires to be with a person who is equally compatible and just right for us, there is no denying that, but this, too, is not as difficult as it seems.

Finding just the ˜right’ person for yourself will be easy only if you are doing it right. Everything happens for a reason. Likewise, there are reasons why you have not attracted the right person yet. No, we are not saying you are flawed and that you need to change some things about yourself, what we are saying is that every person has been made to go with a particular kind of person.

There are things you can do to find that person, ignoring the following possible reasons as to why you have, until now, failed to attract the right person.

  1. Be Yourself:

In order to find a person you want to date, you have to be truest version of yourself. It will help you know what kind of person you are looking for. You may have been told this a hundred times, ˜be yourself’ or ˜don’t fake it’; all of this is actually very helpful when it comes to finding the right one. It helps you stay aligned with the qualities you naturally look for in a person before getting involved with them. As they say, You attract who you are so to attract just the right person for yourself instead of some antithesis version of yourself, you have to know yourself, first of all. Honestly, aren’t we all looking for ourselves when it comes to dating?

You must have met a lot of people who don’t ˜go’ with your type; it is because their alignment of personality traits is different from yours. There is nothing wrong with them, they just aren’t right for you. – Continue reading on next page

  1. Keep Looking:

After a bunch of failures, we, as humans, usually lose all hope and cross our hands close. Don’t do that; keep looking. The greatest and happiest people in the world did not give up just after a couple of tries and a couple of failures. There is always someone waiting for you.

Dramatic talk aside. Follow practical ways of looking for people. Apps like Tinder and other dating sites are successful because people never stop looking. They keep the list of their characteristics in their hands and they match it with others’. Communication is what keeps us going, so keep on looking until you find your ruby in all the diamonds.

You have to go there before you get there, they say. It means that if you really want to find that person, you have to keep believing they exist. You have to keep imagining what it would be like to be with them, to have them by your side. It will not only keep you positive, but also it will make you stay aligned and your expectations straight and clear.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open:

Sometimes, even when we are dating someone, we fail to see the good and the matching in them. Keep this in mind: you attract who you are. If you are a pessimistic person, you will attract a pessimist. If you are jovial being, you will attract the same. So when you do, make sure you are able to identify them as the one. Make sure you are able to tell the similarities between you and them, because once you let them go, they may never come back. And losing what was perfect for you comes with a whole lot of regrets and self-loathing. Therefore, keep your eyes open.

Detect. Identify.

  1. Get Over The Wrong People:

We often spend too much time asking ourselves if it would be okay to leave behind the wrong person we are dating right now? Would it be okay to not be okay with being given less that you want for yourself? That is our conscience talking, making sure we don’t hurt people and their feelings. – Continue reading on next page

But it is not always healthy to listen to what is spoken at the back of your head. For your personal mental health, you have to, at times, leave behind what lacks in quality, according to you. Talk it out, tell them you want things you cannot get from them, move on, it is a big step in finding the right person.

  1. Confidence:

When you move on and leave behind the wrong people, you lose some confidence, naturally. Your expectations are shaken and you decide to lower them. Don’t. Do not again settle for someone not made and decided for you. If you want butterflies, you ARE going to get pretty blue butterflies. End of story. (Don’t be violent, though)

Never giving up is the key to finding the right person. Confidence, surety, determination and hope, keep them up.

  1. Grab it When You See It:

When you see those pretty blue butterflies, you make sure you get them on your hands. Make sure they like sitting on your hand and make sure they feel special and loved. Do not dive in the pool of doubts such as, ˜what if I want some other colored butterflies?’ No, you have been telling yourself what you want since the beginning, and now that you have it, never go in that pool of doubts again.

Hold on to them, tell them how you feel and smile your bright smile that you never before did with all those wrong people. Smile, because you have attracted the right person which is as rare as a ruby among diamonds.

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