6 Ways to Tell if You Have a Strong yet Sensitive Personality

The world is filled with all types of people. You have the emotionally strong types and the financially reliable types. You have the overly-smart yet carless types and reserved yet utterly-sympathetic types. And then there are those who have a very strong personality yet are very sensitive as well. Such people are generous at heart, mindful towards others and have a great sense of philanthropy for everyone.

They will be there to pick you up when you fall down. Their words will not feel like empty promises or sugar-coated lies, but sincere declarations of their love and respect for the ones in need of it. These kinds of people are considered a ˜strong’ personality due to their resilient nature: place any kind of obstacle before them and they will not only face it but overcome it bravely. Give them a tough time and they will not give up. So basically, they are the type of personalities who do not break easy.

It does not matter how the world and society, in general, treats such strong personalities. Part of the reason these people are so is because they form this accurate and idealistic perception of justice and humility and then act on it. Not much you throw their way will make them go astray from their ideals unless highly necessary. If they follow certain religious beliefs, they will do so till the end. If they develop some new perceptions about life, they will stick to them come what may.

Nothing more, nothing less. Being of a strong yet sensitive persona does not imply something negative. It just means that even the slightest things can tick these kinds of personalities off. However, having a resiliency to their character, they will find ways and strategies to overcome those weaknesses and find solid ground again.

Nothing and no one is perfect. The same faces that see the light of the day are meant to walk in the dark of the night. In the same pretext, even strong personalities have some cracks in their armor. It does not make them any less amazing though.

A person who exhibits a resilient personality also possesses some weak points in them, side by side. Alongside being of a sound mind and soul, they still have sensitivities in their personality which, if turned into greater vulnerabilities, can destroy them.

Do you think you have a strong personality? If so then keep on reading and find out some basic signs you might have which show that you have a strong yet sensitive personality.

  1. You have a tendency to get overwhelmed sometimes

We all have to face this scary thing called life, don’t we? And this scary thing becomes too overwhelming sometimes. It can be anything from the death of a loved one to the loss of valuable files at work; from a bad grade in your finals to a terrible breakup. The list is infinite.

The point is, no matter the situation you have, it can be too overwhelming for you. One way to put it is to describe it as the weight of the whole world crashing down on you. You feel it all, down to the marrow of your bones and the core of your heart.В – Continue reading on the next page

Being so overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings will leave you drained at the end of the day. This concerns the sensitive side of your personality. And this is also where the twist is: because you have a strong personality, you do not let such issues get the best of you. Instead, you teach yourself to breathe easy, go with the flow and take things one at a time. So despite being easily overwhelmed, you still have your way to get around to it, one way or the other.

  1. You’re picky about details

Being sensitive also implies you have this laser vision which makes you notice the minutest of details around you. You are a great observer, noticing things everyone else ignores, passing them off as ˜insignificant’ or ˜useless.’

But having the strong sense of purpose instills in a strong personality, you are very well aware of the fact that it is these tiny details alone that will lead to something bigger in the end. Be it a cold sentence coming from the mouth of your enemy or a usually sweet gesture from someone you barely, you notice it all.

Not many details skip past you and you are able to make the connections yourself. Being a strong personality, you don’t just take these things for your personal amusement, or something to mock others on. That is not you. Rather, you try to see the bigger picture.

  1. You care a great deal about dating the right one

Having one-night stands or flings is so not your thing. Relationships mean a whole lot more to you. Call it cheesy, but despite having a macho personality, you still like to come back home to loving arms and loving reassurances from your special someone.

Love is the power that drives you. That being said, it can be hard sometimes for you to find the right person to date. You do not chase materialism, nor does society’s idea of a ˜perfect couple’ interest you that much. To some, this is viewed as sensitivity indeed. It will make you look for certain specific details in the person you wish to share your life with, such as loyalty, an understanding nature, a high level of patience and so forth.В -В Continue reading on the next page

Just because you have a strong persona does not imply that you will just go out with anyone who seems appealing to you. You know you have a strong yet sensitive nature when you question the other person before a date rather just than ˜giving it a shot’ with them. However, because of that personal strength itself, if something does pop up out of the unexpected, you are capable enough of handling it bravely.В -В 

  1. You don’t complain but you don’t let anyone take you for granted either

When you feel you are being taken for granted by the other person, no matter how close they are to you, you will simply tell them so. It does not mean you are a whiner but just that you know you deserve better, when to walk away and when to stay all thanks to that personal strength you possess.

It might come off as somewhat sensitive to the rest of the world, but knowing when to say no and walk away is not a weakness but strength in itself. You put a lot of effort out there to make a difference, so when you get treated badly, it is only fair that you stand up for what you deserve by the hands of the aura of that personal strength thrumming with life inside you.

  1. You’re a great listener

Being a strong yet sensitive person, you know what it feels like to be left alone and without a good listening ear. Therefore, you make sure no one else goes through it, at least not under your watch. It does not matter if it is a close friend with a bad breakup or a random stranger you see sitting alone on the bench in a park looking sad you will be there for that person, make them feel comfortable to open up to you and listen to them patiently; without judging or interrupting them. В -В Continue reading on the next page

As mentioned above, you feel things deeply. Others’ pain hits you like a bag of bricks and so is their happiness your happiness. Hence, it is not in your nature to see someone alone or in need of good and sympathetic listening ear. This makes others view you as a sensitive personality, but that is only because you are also strong enough to lend advice and support to the other person, and just be there for them.

  1. You worry more than you should

Worry is a strong emotion, and you worry the most for those you care about the most. A person with a strong moral sense knows the consequences they will have to face after something happens to those they hold dear to their hearts. Therefore, they try to ignore such conflicting situations as more as possible. And in the process, they tend to worry more than they should.

It is only because of their sensitive nature which reminds them time and again how precious someone is to them and so, they do not want to lose them. Having a strong character, you will eventually find a way to put the worry to rest and lend care and sympathy to that person.

Worrying for someone will not put you off in any way, but only become more careful towards the safety and well-being of others. Call it sensitive or just plain caring, either way; it is a sign of moral resilience and strength too.

So if you have any or all these signs, it means you display a personality that is both resilient and sensitive in nature.

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