7 Qualities Of A Person Who Is Highly Sensitive

How sensitive are you?

Hypersensitivity is a much understated point of discussion in modern culture. Not a lot of us really understand what it means to be highly sensitive, and we don’t really know how to deal with people who are highly sensitive. In fact, a lot of us might even have substantial trouble trying to spot the highly sensitive people around us. Being highly sensitive can greatly impact a person’s personality and that’s why we must all develop a certain kind of awareness with the condition. We are forced to deal with so many different kinds of people every day and we all have to be able to adjust ourselves to certain personality types.

Lastly, we must always be extra sensitive when we are interacting with highly sensitive people as well. We never really know the impact that our words can have on other people and that’s why we must always remain careful and vigilant. Our thoughts, words, and actions can be received in ways that we don’t intend and that can be the source of great conflict and misunderstanding. That’s why in order to get along with highly sensitive people better, it’s good for us to understand where they come from and what makes them tick. We also have to know how to spot them out in a crowd. Here are some blatant qualities that all highly sensitive people possess.

1. They get easily overwhelmed by an overflowing to-do list.

Don’t mistake a highly sensitive person for being weak. It’s just that they can’t handle stressful environments as well as other people. They like to tackle tasks and problems one at a time. They are very good at just focusing on one task, but they can get thrown off course whenever they are bombarded with assignments and projects. It’s important to always take things one step at a time when dealing with a highly sensitive person.

2. They aren’t really fond of noisy and unruly environments.

When it comes to hanging out at noisy clubs, rock concerts, bars, or parties, then you can always count on a highly sensitive person to feel really uncomfortable. Their senses get overloaded fairly quickly and whenever that happens, they get really upset. In fact, even a typical noisy office setting can be enough to irritate a highly sensitive person. If you want to invite a highly sensitive person out, then maybe a caf or a walk in the park would be a better idea.

3. They don’t deal with hunger very well.

Never leave a highly sensitive person to feel hungry. Remember that their feelings are always amplified when compared to how regular people feel. That’s why whenever they feel hunger, it’s never just a mild feeling. They are practically starving. And you would also never want to get in their way during their hunger pangs. They won’t be a joy to be with. They get very irritable and plain rude.

4. They don’t like being placed under critical observation.

Under normal circumstances, highly sensitive people are very good at accomplishing tasks on their own. Whenever you give them something to do, they will look themselves in their private space and work on that task until it is absolutely perfect. However, if you give that highly sensitive person the same task under more critical circumstances, the results may vary widely. They don’t like to perform under pressure. In fact, they have a tendency to crumble whenever they know they are being placed under deep scrutiny.

5. They have a great appreciation for artistic expression.

Highly sensitive people understand how important it is for a person to be able to express one’s self. That’s why they are deeply appreciative of peoples’ efforts to channel their energies into artistic exploits. They are more likely to be deeply moved by an enchanting work of art than the average person. This is because they feel all of the emotions and the feelings that were invested into these works of art. To them, artistic expressions are tangible manifestations of human emotion.

6. They are quick to realize when someone is uncomfortable.

Another thing that you really have to know about highly sensitive people is that they always have a good sense of how the people around them are feeling at any given moment. If someone around them is feeling particularly vulnerable or uncomfortable, then they would be quick to realize it. And they would also probably make an effort to appease that person’s mood in whatever way they can.

7. They go into solitude whenever they feel overwhelmed.

Don’t be surprised to see highly sensitive people just retreat into their fortresses of solitude often. Remember that highly sensitive people tend to get overwhelmed fairly quickly. When this happens, they often need some time and space to recharge themselves so that they can be ready to face the world and its problems once more.

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