7 Things That Cheaters In Relationships Have In Common

Cheaters will always cheat.

Being able to identify a partner who cheats isn’t always going to be the easiest feat in the world. When you’re looking to fall in love with someone, you still want to maintain a sense of self-protection. You don’t necessarily want to open yourself up entirely so that you don’t give anyone the power to hurt you in such a grand manner. At all costs, you would never want to fall in love with someone who is just going to end up cheating on you. However, there isn’t really a foolproof way to go about correctly identifying a cheater. All people are different. And so as a result, we all have different preferences, inclinations, motivations, and triggers.

In fact, there are just so many different kinds of cheaters and they do it for so many different kinds of reasons. However, that doesn’t mean that there are some universal values and habits that these cheaters don’t share. In fact, there are a lot of behavioral clues that can be found in most cheaters. These clues could potentially save you from a much unwanted heartbreak in the long run so as long as you know how to spot them out in someone. Here are the 7 things that cheaters in relationships have in common:

1. They will keep on making sexual advances towards you.

While you might be led to believe that your partner is making sexual advances towards you because your relationship is in a good place, you shouldn’t be so confident just yet. It might just mean the opposite. When a person is having a very active sexual lifestyle outside of a committed relationship, that sexual energy has a tendency to carry over into the actual relationship as well. This is a very common trait that can be found in a lot of cheaters.

2. They will be very suspicious about how you behave in the relationship.

A person who can’t be trusted is also going to be someone who will have difficulty trusting other people. So if your partner is constantly acting suspicious of you and whatever behavior you might be projecting, it’s only because they have a reason for you to be suspicious of them as well. Remember that they would never be able to trust you when they know that they themselves can’t be trusted by you.

3. They will have very shady phone usage.

One of the most common ways to tell that your partner is a cheater is when they are very meticulous about how they use their cellphones. They will never want to just leave their phones lying out in the open unattended. They would never be able to trust you with their phones because they would be too afraid of how you would react to the things that you would find there. There are many secrets in your partner’s phone and they would protect those secrets at all costs.

4. They will spend most of their time looking at their phones.

Another big indicator of a person’s infidelity is when they are constantly on their cellphone whenever they’re with you. Of course, your partner could be using their phone to just send out a few emails for work or to stay updated on something that’s being done for the office. But there’s a limit to the amount of work a person has to be doing. At some point, you have to wonder if that phone is being used for third-party affairs as well.

5. They will have no problem lying to you about a number of things.

If someone could lie to you about one thing, then there’s no telling about the number of things that they would be lying to you about. So if you ever catch your partner in a lie, you have to now that that is an automatic betrayal of trust. A cheater is always going to be a serial liar and you have substantial cause for worry if you know that your partner is lying to you about too many things.

6. They will overcompensate by trying to be uncharacteristically affectionate and intimate towards you.

Guilt is also one thing that is present in most cheaters. For one, if they didn’t really care about your feelings anymore, they would have just broken up with you. But they didn’t; which means they are still emotionally invested in you somehow. And the fact that they keep on doing something that would potentially destroy you is really eating them up on the inside. They will start acting on their guilt by trying to make it up to you. They will overcompensate with their sweetness and their affection towards you to appease their own guilt.

7. They have a reputation for being unfaithful in previous relationships.

And lastly, the most common trait found in cheaters is the fact that they’ve done it before. If they’ve managed to cheat in previous relationships, then there’s really no stopping them from doing it again in the future.

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I have invested over 5 year in this man that I have loved so much. I have put my behind on the line for him time and time again. I believed he was a faithful, honest man! More than that, I believed he loved me so much that he could never betray me the way he did. The clues and hints were right in front of my face. However, he had me live bombed from day one. I could not see the obvious signs. I was blind because I needed to be-I wanted everything the way I had dreamed it to be. I remained on cloud nine for a long time. Then The one day(4th of July 2018 when our son was 5 months old, he left his phone wide open. I picked it up and I read his conversations between him and other women. I could feel my heart racing so fast and I was stuck in one place. I could not believe that this man was doing this behind my back. How could he deny it to this day, even though i knew and he knows i know. He lies regardless of my knowledge. The truth is what he says it is. What a bunch of shit. I think betrayal by cheating is the absolute worth punishment imagineable. I had him up on a pedestole all that time. My first relationship at 34 yrs old. I was like a teenager regarding men. My mistake was in believing that everyone had the same heart as me. I have too much empathy to ever do this to anyone I love. Even if i had no feelings for a person, I would not wish this on my worst enemy if i had one. Thank you-Happy NewYear!

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