7 Things You Do That Keep You From Getting A Girlfriend

Lots of men who roam the face of this earth don’t have girlfriends. While there are also some men out there who might be dangling two or even three girls on their arms. You might be a man who is perpetually single but you’re surrounded by so many other boys who just keep jumping from one relationship to the next. Why can’t you seem to have the same kind of success with girls? Why aren’t you as lucky as all these other boys?

You definitely know that you’re not ugly. You might not necessarily be a young George Clooney but you know that you’ve got a lot of good things going on. You aren’t dumb either and you know that you come from a family that is privileged enough to not be considered poor. Why do you think so many girls are turned off at the idea of being with you?

Well, there is indeed a reason why you can’t seem to land a girlfriend. And you’re going to find the answer as you get deeper into this article. And it’s not even going to be all that complicated or mind-blowing. You will feel like such a fool once you realize what it is you’ve been doing wrong.

1. You romanticize women right away whenever you meet them.

You can’t be so quick to just romanticize every single woman that you meet. Live in reality. You don’t want to be getting carried away with all of your fantasies and your daydreams. You want to see her for who she really is and not just what she could be.

2. You overdo it with all of the compliments.

Yes, you want to make a woman feel like you’re interested in her. But you don’t want to make it too easy on her either. You don’t want her to feel like you’re so obsessed with her to the point that she can do no wrong. Every woman is still going to want to feel like they have to earn your love. Don’t be too easy.

3. You act jealous and possessive with someone you’re dating.

Just because you are dating someone and you’re getting into a relationship together doesn’t mean that you are entitled to doing whatever you want with him or having them do whatever you please. It’s essential that you understand that you need to respect that each and every woman is an individual. You are not entitled to having to do whatever you want. You do not get to cross boundaries just because you are dating each other.

4. You talk about your ex with someone you’re dating.

You can’t be so eager to have those conversations about your exes at the early aspects of your relationship. The discussion of exes is important in a long-term relationship but it shouldn’t really be done in the early aspects of it. You don’t want to be giving this new girl the wrong idea. You don’t want her to be thinking that you’re still kind of hung over your ex and that’s why you’re still bringing her up in the conversations that you have with one another.

5. You only ever look for friends with benefits.

It’s okay to want to look for friends with benefits so as long as you’re upfront about it at the start. This kind of arrangement shouldn’t really be frowned upon when it involves two consenting adults. However, it becomes a problem when your true intention is to find true love and stable romance. You aren’t going to be able to find success in forming a long-term relationship with someone if sex is the only thing that is in your mind at the start.

6. You don’t really have a refined sense of humor.

A sense of humor is always going to be important whenever you are in a relationship with someone. When you start to date, there can be a lot of stress and pressure. Naturally, anxiety might even start to seep in when things begin to get a little bit serious. That’s why a sense of humor is going to be essential. When you are able to laugh a lot, you can really lighten the mood in your relationship. And it can help make you feel more comfortable with each other.

7. You don’t pay attention to the women you date.

You must always realize that communication is essential in two people trying to get closer to one another. So, if you’re starting to date a girl and you don’t really try to listen to what they’re telling you, you can bet that you won’t find luck. You must always make it a habit that you pay attention to her whenever she’s trying to express herself to you. That’s how you will be able to gain her trust and make her feel more comfortable about being with you.

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