9 Incredible Relationship Truths Every Woman Should Know

relationship truths

We live in a world where society has set an impossible standard for everything. Before we even get into a relationship, we already are scared of a thousand things because we’ve seen something in some movie, we already have our bar set too high because of something someone told us or because of what society tries to portray as “perfect.”

What’s essential in life is to grow at your own pace, to learn at your speed, and to expect at a reasonable level.

Here are nine relationship truths every woman should know.

9. Nothing is “forever.”

There is no such thing in this world that lasts forever; love is one of those things. Nothing is rock-solid, even the strongest of foundations become weak in time. You need to understand and prepare yourself for the worst; anything can happen at any given time. People lose their lives, people die of starvation, and we cry about not being loved enough by someone.

What’s important here is to love yourself as much as you can and find complete happiness in that state, and then move on to a relationship. If and when you come out of that relationship, you’ll still be stronger than ever and won’t be crying about it even after months.

8. You can never change anyone

In this lifetime or the next, you CANNOT change anyone, no matter how hard you try. People have their individuality; trying to take it away from them is highly unfair to them. You need to learn to accept the person as he is, not to change him to your liking because that’s not going to end well for you.

He’s going to sound okay with it at first, but he’s slowly going to start developing a lot of hatred against you, and one day, when he’s had enough, he’ll explode. Never try changing anyone.

7. No one can replace you

Just as you can’t change anyone, no one can change you. No matter how much they try. You can’t even expect anyone to change you for better or for worse. Only you have the power to change yourself; nobody else holds that over you no matter how much love is involved in the process.

If you don’t like certain habits about you, don’t expect anyone to save you, save yourself and ask for support, support will always be there for you as long as you’re willing to work on yourself, to begin with.

6. Being supportive and being suffocated are two different things

You need to know where to draw the line between being supportive and being strangled. Sure, support your man as much as you can, but up to the point where you feel comfortable about it, and it doesn’t start having any adverse effect on your life. You can’t compromise your well-being for the happiness of your partner, that’s not a relationship, the relationship works both ways, not when you’re miserable while your partner is as happy as ever.

5. Everybody lies

It is bound to happen, we are all human, and we make mistakes, we are prepared to make mistakes, none of us are perfect, and none of us are saints. People lie, accept it, just because you think you have a special bond with your man doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be any negativity between the two of you.

You two will lie to one another at one point in the relationship. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes people lie to save the relationship, and it’s probably for the better. But the critical thing to remember here is not to keep unrealistic expectations from your partner; he is human, so are you, neither of you is saints. 

4. Be ready to be accepting

True love requires a lot of acceptance from both sides, you aren’t going to like a lot of things about each other, but that’s what love is all about, relationships are in no way meant to be perfect, they are bound to have their flaws and weaknesses, and those weaknesses are beautiful. Embrace the imperfections, accept the flaws, learn to appreciate the differences you two have because that’s what relationships are all about.

3. Don’t run away from challenges

Every good relationship is bound to have its fair share of challenging moments; it’s your duty as a partner to stay active during those moments and to not lose hope for one second. Nothing good in life comes easy; you have to work hard for a living, to have a decent lifestyle, the same goes for a good relationship, you need to be ready to face the challenges it brings your way.

2. “You” are your only source of pure happiness

Remember my words, nobody in this world can make you happier than you! Only you have the power to make yourself comfortable, completely happy, and content.

Never look at your partner to be your source of happiness, because that happiness may one day leave you and you’ll find yourself empty and lost without your only source of joy, never base your happiness on anyone else. If you are a dependent person (like me), depend on yourself, because you can NEVER let yourself down!

1. Your relationship will be as “perfect” as you want it to be

I’ve mentioned this many times before; there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, this isn’t a movie, this is very real, this is life, and it doesn’t have a pause or rewind button. Your relationship can be “perfect” based on your idea of perfection; it depends on you to set the bar of that perfection, I would ask you to set that bar at a level where you can reach it.

Don’t set it too high. Make it as perfect as you can be, along with your imperfections.

Question of the day

What is the hardest lesson you had to learn from your past relationship? Leave your answers in the comment section below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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