7 Ways To Tell A Man That You Like Him Without Scaring Him Off

You are no longer in high school. You can’t keep using the same moves and tactics that you used to employ in the days of your youth. Back then, you might have teased him a little bit to gain his attention. You might have pushed him away to feign disinterest and distance. You played hard to get and it worked for you in the past. But you’re older now and the game has changed. You need to change things up if you want to have more success now that you’re more mature and that you’re dealing with older men as well. You need to gain a better approach to telling him that you like him.

These days, it’s really hard to find a man who is single, straight, and interested in being with you. It’s not going to be the same as when you were younger. And it’s because of that that you are too afraid to let yourself open up to a guy. You are too afraid of getting rejected and hurt.

Well, here’s what you need to know: according to Suzanne Degges-White, an expert in the field of relationships, men and women handle rejection fairly differently when it comes to relationships. She says that women are going to feel emotionally hurt by rejection and that it can bring about a lot of inner fears and insecurities within themselves. And men tend to look at rejection as some kind of challenge. They see it as motivation to try even harder. And women are just typically forced to move on from their feelings and never look back.

It’s really fine that you might be a little hesitant to put yourself out there after being rejected by a guy at least once or twice. You know you like a guy but you also know that the odds are stacked against you. You know that it’s likely he’s only going to end up laughing at your efforts and making you feel worse off than you already were. And that’s fine. It’s okay to have those kinds of fears. However, here’s a little secret that you need to know if you’re really serious about dating: you aren’t going to be able to escape rejection. It’s really a part of the experience – not just in dating, but in life in general. You aren’t always going to be able to control how people receive you. However, you can always control how you choose to react to it. If you happen to like a guy and you try to initiate something with him, there’s always a chance that we won’t reciprocate those feelings. And if that really is the case, you just have to pick yourself up and move on. Know that things weren’t to be and you just need to keep moving forward in life.

But there is also a chance that he DOES reciprocate the feelings that you have laid out for him. And when that happens, you will be thankful for taking that risk in the first place. You will gain a lot more confidence as you learn more about how this man feels about you. And you know what they say, confident people are always going to be more attractive. If you put yourself out there, then you are essentially giving the men the permission to do the same as well. You are letting them know that it’s okay to be vulnerable in the pursuit of love. You are giving them the motivation and courage that they need to open up to you. And even if you fail, it’s fine. You get a better sense of who you are and what works for you. You can still move forward with your head held high. And always know that you’re getting one step closer to finding the one you’re meant to be with forever.

Ways to tell a boy that you like him:

  1. Flirt with him a little bit. Casually compliment him. Ask him questions about his life. Make him feel like you are genuinely interested in him.
  2. Smile a lot. But not a creepy stalker kind of smile. Just make it natural. Let him see that you enjoy his company and that he makes you happy.
  3. Be the one to ask him out on a date. In this modern age, there’s nothing wrong with a woman wanting to initiate a date with a man.
  4. Pay attention to him when he talks. Make sure that he knows that you are someone who is always willing to lend him an ear.
  5. Do something thoughtful for him that he would never expect anyone to do.
  6. Open up to him about your life. Let him know that you’re comfortable with letting him in.
  7. Be his friend. At the base of it all, you need to have good chemistry as a duo if you want success in your relationships.
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