8 awkward relationship hurdles all couples have to cross

The strongest couples have gone through the toughest of life’s battles.

Awkwardness is something we have to deal with in so many things at some point or another. These situations can be very embarrassing especially if they involve someone you’re desperately trying to impress or win over. You want everything to be perfect; but you can’t always have what you want. No matter what you do or how you do it; when it comes to relationships there are always going to be a few things you’re going to have to face. There is simply no escape.

Here are a few of those things. You need not be embarrassed because in all honesty; we’ve all been there (despite the denial you may encounter from some people);

 1. The most dreaded first date:

The pressure that the first date holds is one of the most nerve-wrecking things ever! You need everything to go right; from the moment you see them to the moment you say goodbye. These couple of hours require you to be at your best, keep them interested, and make them feel comfortable while making sure it’s enjoyable for the both of you. Definitely sounds like a lot to do and not to forget; to do it right.

 2. The date that follows:

No the first date is not the end of it! The second date holds a lot of pressure too if not as much as the first one. You’re still a long way from being comfortable with each other. You don’t know what might be offish for them and set them running in the opposite direction. Focus on what can go well and you just might manage to get through.

 3. The first time you do it:

It is a big deal and you have this need to ensure that your partner finds it satisfying. You don’t know if your frequencies would match in bed. You know that the key to make it pleasurable for both of you is to relax and just go with the flow. But with all the pressure for setting the bar for all such encounters might make it a difficult task. Do what you find comfortable and if they’re responding well; makes it all the more better.

 4. Telling him how you’d like them to do you:

Awkward right? But if you can’t talk to them about it; who else. It might feel embarrassing and you’d worry about what they’d think of you. But focus on what the outcome maybe. There’s the obvious that they’d think you a freak. But; on the other hand, you could also get to live out your fantasies. With you being the first one to talk about such things; they might be encouraged to share their fantasies as well. Win-win!

 5. Telling him what makes you climax:

You might think that it’d be weird to tell him exactly how to do it and it might make him feel the same way; but isn’t it better for both of you that he knows. Instead of having to fake it you’d actually have him do what you like. He loves getting you off; in fact it turns him on even more.

 6. Meeting his parents:

Don’t expect the guy’s parents or family to be anything like him. They could be like two poles of a magnet. You never know what’s in store for you and what might be thrown your way. Oh and there’s the constant fear of being judged. So you need to juggle with being on your best, impressive behavior and overlooking any awkwardness from them as well. It is as difficult as it sounds but equally important as well.

 7. The ass blasters:

So this is embarrassing regardless of who you’re with or how long you’ve known them. The awkwardness amplifies further when your guy is concerned. But it’s inevitable. There’s no telling how he’d react but this definitely can’t be a deal breaker. So don’t stress.

 8. Testing the infamous ‘in sickness and in health’:

Sure he loves you when you’re presentable and look your best. But what if some virus finds it’s way into your body and takes control over it. That’s when you’ll know how tolerant your guy is and if he’d actually put up with you and take care of you when you need it most.

So like it or not; you’re going to have to live through each of these nightmares if you’re looking for something that’s long term. Suck it up and find a way to get through it all. You’ll have better things waiting for you on the other side of this. Good luck with all this!

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