22 realistic relationship goals to replace the silly fantasies that don’t actually mean anything

So here is a list of things you should actually try to accomplish rather than going out of your way to live out a fairytale (which isn’t happening any way);

1. Staying in instead of going out, because as exciting as it may be out there, it won’t be as private or comfortable as your own place. Not that you’re slacking, but it’s a nice change of pace.

2. Having your friends refer to you as a couple/team, rather than separate individuals.

3. Becoming the first-person-to-contact, when someone from their family or friends fail to get in touch with them. They all acknowledge how tight you two are, and that they’d be with you. Even if they’re not with you, you’re expected to know where they’d be better than anyone else.

4. Making the family group on your SO’s relatives’ phones. That should make you feel like a part of the family.

5. Preparing a meal together. Doing every little step together, from deciding on a dish, to actually making it, and then of course having it.

6. If there are leftovers from your rendezvous, you look forward to reliving the whole night all over again.

7. Being comfortably ill around them. You don’t feel ashamed or apologetic of how some virus literally brought you to your worst. You expect them to understand that you can’t help your unpleasant (to say the least) condition.

8. Making sure that they’re comfortable when they fall sick, and nursing them back to health, without any complains.

9. Being able to burp and bottom burp around them.

10. Being comfortable enough to defecate at their place without any sort of fear.

11. Hearing them talk about you every time they talk about the future.

12. Giving each other nicknames, and then using them instead of each other’s names.

13. Having those inside jokes that no one else has any idea about. (some may doubt your mental stability for laughing without any apparent reason)

14. Laughing your heads off at how everyone stared at you two in surprise for giggling at nothing.

15. Choosing a staycation instead of a vacation abroad, simply because it’s cheaper and doesn’t bother you as much as long as you two have each other’s company.

16. Buying something together that is a sort of an indication of a commitment to a possible future together. It could be a piece of furniture, or a vehicle, or something that you just can’t divide.

17. Getting a pet together, and taking care of it together as well. You’re both responsible for the pet and hence you both should tend to it.

18. Splitting household chores. When you were living on your own, you were doing all these chores anyway, so why dump them all on the person you’re in a relationship. You’re in this together, and ˜this’, includes everything, even the cleaning and cooking etc.

19. Sending out cards or emails together, as a couple. You not only accept each other, but are announcing your together-status to everyone as well.

20. Talking about having kids and discussing baby names.

21. Having a joint bank account. The financial commitments require a lot of considerations, but then again, are an indication of the seriousness of the relationship. Joint accounts serve for saving up for a rainy day, or a house, or a trip, or any number of other expenses.

22. Having the fight, the mother of all arguments, the fight that threatens your relationship. Then making up for it equally profusely and getting through it, coming out with an even stronger couple dynamic than before.

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How far are you down this list? What are your relationship goals? Have you achieved any of them? If yes, how? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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