8 signs he’s the guy you should be marrying

He’s definitely Mr. Right!

This one is for the ladies, another one will be posted tomorrow for men. So you’ve spent a substantial amount of time with your boyfriend and want to to take things to the next level, this article is going to help you in that decision-making process. Let’s begin.

1. He tells you to have your “Girls Nights”

This is something I haven’t seen in a lot of men but it should be more common than it already is. A guy who pushes you to have girls nights is a guy who knows how important your girls are for you and he knows you need to spend your own “me time” with them to stay happy. It also means that he isn’t a need freak who can’t see you have fun on your own without him being there. Keep in mind, a guy is writing this article and I tell my girlfriend to go out with her girls all the time. It’s a very healthy trait to have for men.

2. He understands you, completely

When I say “understand”, I don’t just mean that he knows your likes and dislikes. Anyone who spends a few months with you can understand you that much, I’m talking about a more mature level of understanding. This means that your guy knows when you’re ticked off, it also means he knows what to say and when to say it. If a guy can make you laugh at even the most darkest of your days, he understands you emotionally. Emotional understanding is very vital for a lasting relationship.

3. He doesn’t hate your social circle

This is kind of common, a lot of guy friends I have actually restrict their girlfriends from meeting her friends. There will be guys and girls both in her social circle but some men have issues with the fact that their girlfriends are spending too much time in her social circle (mostly the guys in that social circle). This points to a few insecurities that some guys have and it also points to the fact that he doesn’t trust you as much as he should. A guy who’s completely cool with your social circle is the guy you NEED to keep and do everything for.

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