8 signs he’s the guy you should be marrying

4. He doesn’t flinch at the topic of marriage

I know, marriage sometimes can be a difficult topic to think about but when two people have known each other enough, it becomes part of the general conversation without a plethora of anti-marriage statements. We get into relationships because we want to see how compatible we are with people and ultimately if we can spend the rest of our lives with them or not. If your boyfriend doesn’t run away from this topic, it means he’s been thinking about it as much as you have or maybe more, he’s a keeper.

5. He supports you even at your worst decisions

We all make mistakes in life, sometimes our decisions lead to good things and sometimes they lead to bad things. A person who stands right by your side at both the good and the bad is a person who loves you no matter what. Support is very important (it goes without saying), emotional support is something that makes your partner understand that they’ll always get back to normal even if they make a bad decision. If your guy supports you even when you fail, he’ll support you in anything.

6. He loves you the same

Now this one is common. When relationships get old (a few years), a lot of people complain that “it’s not the same anymore”, “the spark is gone”, “we are growing apart”, well that’s because of a lot of reasons but mainly the absence of expressiveness can lead to this. If you feel the same with your guy even after years of being with him, why are you even reading this article? He’s a keeper.

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