8 damaging things every couple should stop doing

things every couple should stop doing

4. The need to be right

We are all human, we all have our egotistical sides no matter how much we may love someone, but we need to fight it because the ego is something that needs to be far far away from love. We all need to be right, but it’s essential to know the limits, if your lack is hurting your relationship, you need to stop. Yes, we all argue with our loved ones now and then, and sometimes the arguments may get out of hand, it happens, and it’s very natural.

But what’s important here is to remember how much you love them, and remembering that love being more important than your need to win or be right, and in that light, end those fights as quickly as you can.

5. Hiding your flaws and problems

Love is all about transparency, complete transparency. When I was asking my girlfriend out, she already knew everything about me before that, she knew my weaknesses, my flaws, my problems and everything in between, I never hid anything from her because I wanted her to know me completely, she told me things about her past, painful things nobody else knew about, horrifying creatures, and I ended up loving her more for those things because she’s stronger than I am.

So by telling each other our flaws and weaknesses, we became stronger in each others’ eyes. So don’t hide anything, in need to impress the other person, impress them with the truth, impress them with who you are. If they don’t like the fact, they’re not right for you.

6. Not letting go of what’s gone

Your past can be your biggest weakness if you made it don’t. I’ve seen so many couples facing a lot of tough times because one person was still too involved in the past, never let the past affect your present. We’ve all had dark times, we’ve all had traumatic situations that we had to go through, but the critical thing to remember is that you’re out of that dark place now and you’re with someone who truly loves you, appreciate them and let them know their love is strong enough to make you let go of the past.

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