8 damaging things every couple should stop doing

things every couple should stop doing

A few days ago, the lady and I went to have dinner with some of our friends. Things started getting awkward when suddenly one of the couples began complaining about how hard it is to make the other person happy, and complaints began flying in from every direction.

It was a pretty awkward hangout for us. On our way back, I held my girl’s hand and kissed it; I thanked her for being so good to me, for giving me no reason to complain or argue, for making me so happy that even if we do fight, I make sure it’s not in public or front of friends.

We both smiled; it was beautiful. That one incident made me write this article when I started thinking about the reasons that cause even the strongest of relationships to fail and even marriages to break, I wanted to share everything ordinary in those things. So if you have a habit of any of these following things or if you feel like one of them is starting to develop, get rid of them.

Here are 8 damaging things every couple should stop doing.

1. Not being “there.”

So you took out time from your busy schedule to spend with your SO, is it enough to be there? No. You need to be “present,” you need to be there! Your presence is required, and that means both mind and body, not just the body. You need to be completely aware of what your partner is saying, don’t be so lost in your thoughts that you fail to answer even the simplest of questions when you’re asked to.

Your partner needs your attention and love, all of it when you’re with them, so try not to have other thoughts in mind when you spend time with them, or you’ll just be wasting that time. If you’re bothered by something, share it, don’t keep it in because that will make your partner feel like something’s bothering you and you can’t tell them for some odd reason. Be present, in mind and body.

2. Getting too comfortable to compliment each other

forever person

Compliments go a long way, the key to a life long relationship is never to stop telling each other how much you love each other. Sometimes, we get so comfortable with our partners that we feel like we don’t need to compliment them or flirt with them because they know our feelings already, being this soft is not okay because you can never stop the flirting and the compliments. You need to keep telling them how much you love them and prove that with your actions, your words and actions are linked.

Never let a day go by without telling them how special they are, how beautiful they are, appreciate them for everything they are.

3. Not compromising

Relationships aren’t built on unexpected feelings, and favorable situations, the strongest of relationships require a ton of hard work and a lot of compromise from both sides. Never forget how important the other person is, no matter how long it’s been, always compromise for each other.

Don’t take them for granted, just because you’ve been with them for years, doesn’t mean you can love them any less now, love them more than you did before and prove it with your actions. Selfless people have the best relationships, be selfless and loving. True love is where you start treating the other person’s happiness as your own.

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