8 Warning signs you’re with the wrong person

signs you're with the wrong person

Incompatibility is spreading like wildfire, and it’s affecting a lot of relationships. A good relationship is supposed to enhance your life, make you happier, boost your self-confidence, make you believe more decisive in your own decisions, and everything else valuable for life becomes more apparent. That’s what a good relationship does; a bad relationship does everything the exact opposite.

This article will focus on ten kinds of situations; if you’re in any of these situations, consider it as a warning and be cautious because you may be with the wrong person. How do you know you’re with the wrong person?

Here are eight warning signs you’re with the wrong person.

1. They keep reminding you of the past

You will find some people who will try to bring you down by any means necessary. Why? Because they’re not happy in their own lives or they envy yours. They’ll remind you constantly of your past mistakes, even if you’ve changed and are a new person.

They won’t let you change; they’ll make you think and believe you can never change, and you’ll always repeat your mistakes. You do not need this negative energy to pull you back into the dark times you came out of once. Using someone’s past to attack them is one of the cheapest of attacks, and if your “partner” uses it against you, for whatever reason, you don’t need more ideas to find someone better.

2. They always lie to you

Bad people lie; they lie to hide their own mistakes. Wicked people will lie to you more than once, either to take the blame off of their heads or to make you think about something that doesn’t exist for whatever evil reason they have. A relationship is based on a solid boundary of trust and loyalty.

I’ve written countless articles and rules on faith, and I can’t stress enough. A lie is a lie, no matter how small. The smallest of lies lead to the biggest of mistakes. If they genuinely love you, they can’t lie to you.

3. They don’t respect your time

Are you in a relationship where you spend all your time on your partner, and the same isn’t being done in return? Do they often tell you they’re occupied with something or the other? Do you feel like they only spend time with you when they see fit and when it’s convenient for them? Something that’s much more important than you?

I’ve said this many times: it’s all about priorities. If they genuinely love you, it doesn’t matter how busy they are; they’ll take out enough time for you to see you smile, and they will never make you feel like you’re being ignored or there’s something more important than they’re doing. I have a business, she knows about it, I still NEVER let her feel it, and she gets sufficient time because I’d rather stay single than break someone’s heart.

4. They don’t respect your dreams

Relationships are supposed to help you achieve your goals and reach your dreams and ambitions, not the other way around. If you’re with someone who continually tries to bring you down or tries to tell you that you have far-fetched aspirations and dreams, you’re not with the right person. The reason they’re doing this isn’t that they hate you, it’s because they hate their own lives and they never had the luxury to dream like you.

5. You feel suffocated

Are you in a relationship that feels suffocating? Does that feel like a trap? Like a cage? Where do you feel like you can’t speak your mind? Where does the thought of self-expression cause a shiver down your spine? I’ve been down that road. It’s a horrible feeling. It’s one of the worst feelings when you have to keep something inside. Find someone who lets you speak your mind and still loves you for it.

6. They want to change you

I’ve talked about this before; nobody has the right to take your individuality from you. You are a fantastic individual, beautiful and perfect in your way and design, and no one can take that away from you.

Your partner should love you for everything you are and never try to change you into something you’re not. If you’re with someone who continually tries to mend your ways or to change you, find someone who appreciates you and cherishes your individuality.

7. They’re sucking the life out of you

No matter how positive of a person you are, if you’re with someone who’s very harmful and evil, they will rub off their evil and negativity on you. You’re slowly going to start thinking like them and talking like them.

You will go from being a happy person to someone you would never want to be. If you’re in a relationship where you feel like your energy is being drained from you daily, free yourself from the torment.

8. They disregard your abilities

Someone who truly loves you will always strengthen your skills and make you stronger. A negative person will slowly take your skills away from you; they’ll make you feel low about yourself, they’ll make you feel like you don’t amount to anything, you don’t want that kind of “love” in your life, you’re better than that. Be with someone who makes you feel like you’re unique in your way because you are.

My girlfriend tries her best to make me feel good about the things I do, the things I love, my abilities, and my life in general, so for my birthday, she hand-painted a life-sized Relationship Rule for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better present. I’m not going to lie, guys, I cried. Check it out.

Share your experiences

Have you been in similar situations? I love hearing from you; please share your experiences with me in the comments below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive.

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  1. Hi

    I ditched my ex whom I have been dated for about 2 years or so.
    Let me talk about why I like him, cos I love man who has his own dreams and passion. I think it is very sexy. His a very confident chef, someone who is proud of his own creations. His also a man whom I knows love riding(motorbike). He owns one GS1200, then. As well as a car(his mum wants it)

    I knew him when I was working an irregular job while holding on my typical 9-6 day time job. He was the chef in charged and was really nice to me. And I thought, hey, since he’s best buddy asked me to gave him the chance, so that I could also gave myself a chance as well, and soon the chance I gave myself become my worst nightmare.

    I already knew he wanted to quite the job where I meet him. Shortly as we got together, he decided that he wanted to start up a mini stall with his buddy. So I contributed in helping him to find the location he wanted. Even though I can’t be there to view the space, he would take pics and videos for me. After a few locations he had viewed, he decided to take the one within the restricted vicinity. Even though i break down the pros and cons, suggesting he do not take up the offer (as the is an operating hours to follow as well as manegement rules to follow) . But he insisted cos he’s reason and as a gf then, I agreed. However, it was supposed to be him and his best budding running the stall with him, but his buddy back out last mins when everything was almost settled. So as a gf then, I left my typical 9-6 office job to help him with the stall. At the same time moved in to stay with him and his parents, as his home is nearer to the stall.

    I won’t deny the fact that During my stay at his place, his parents treated me very well. The being overly nice to me felt too much for me to handle for someone who doesn’t pretty much used it all those. Like being overly caring, going for family gather, family dinner, or gathering with his riding friends.

    This is where things started to go side way.
    When I was fulling helping him full time at the stall. Initially everything was going well, but somehow, he just started yelling, even in front of the customer.
    In our third month to make payment for rental. We realised the biz wasn’t do well. So I suggested to him, should we at least be trying to find alternatives to support our stall. Example like going to work extra odd jobs after we close our stall for the day.
    He was fed up and told me that doing biz had up and down. Yes I do kmow that, but already involved his parents to help pay the stall and his GS.

    Long story short. (the yelling is on going)
    We moved to a different location within the same vicinity but better crowd. However this time he already was working as a private car driver as an alternative income. Which he would drive thru the night and only slept for less than 4 hours daily. And that leads him to extrem exhuasion. Which I also told him not to drive as well. But he told me his used to sleeping less than 4 hours daily and is ok. His used to it. And so I let him driver.

    I wasn’t very happy, even though, it’s gonna be a year. I question him why he yells at me. Than his answer was its normal. And that even if you go out to work, your boss will also yells at your this way. I was literally in shock to hear that.
    As that same year, I was also doing course on my own, and I too was tired. But I still have to go for famy dinner even though I him told him I need to rest, his answer was his mum would not be happy about it.
    Family gathering was something I never enjoy going, so does big groups of friends gathering. But I went anyway, cos of him.
    Thru this period, he didn’t care about how I felt. Until the very day when we had a big fight. I told him we can’t be doing this, letting your parents to pay for this and that especially for the smallest thing like a dinner. And he responded to me this, “my mum said she wants to be pay until her very last breathe.” that was my most shocking even. And I decided that I had enough. I am gonna find myself a job and than a place to move out as well.

    I can’t never stand a man like this. Its horrifying. Suddenly he doesn’t seems like the man I used to know before. A man who claim he likes independent woman like me, who doesn’t mind to be his pillon(for someone adventurous like me) . And wants to give me a life where I don’t have to work. But all was a lie after all. Bcos what I see was his action didn’t speaks for his words. Anyway he also posted our RS issue on his social media. Rather than communicate to resolve issue. Above all, I told him that in my RS, there are a few things is utmost important to me, respect, trust, communication and my me time. All of this, he has failed.
    And on my very last day, still say another.
    Anyway I Ieft him for good. Cos I told myself that I don’t need to be treated like that. I am better off on my own. And happier on my own as well.

    Anyway, he can’t mend the stall alone, and had to let go, as well as his GS.

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