9 Health Mistakes That Pregnant Women Should Really Avoid

For a lot of women all over the world, pregnancy is a gift. This is especially true for women who plan out their pregnancies in the hopes of starting a family. But even for women who have unplanned pregnancies, it’s still important to own up to the responsibility of healthily bringing new life into this world.

As beautiful and as amazing as a pregnancy might be, it’s still a very complicated and difficult experience that any woman would have to go through as well. Pregnancies are no joke, and women should always take extra care of themselves whenever they are pregnant.

However, the problem still persists that there are so many girls out there who get pregnant and aren’t aware that they’re committing a lot of pregnancy sins that could jeopardize their own health and the health of their unborn babies. If you want to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy, then you need to make sure that you avoid committing these mistakes.

1. You don’t pay attention to your nutrition.

You should always be paying very close attention to your nutrition. Remember that whatever food you choose to put into your body is also going to be the food that nourishes your baby. If you are constantly feeding yourself with junk, then your baby is going to end up being fed junk as well.

2. You have unprotected sexual encounters.

There should be nothing that stops you from having sex while you’re pregnant. There’s nothing wrong with pregnant women staying sexually active while they are housing an unborn baby. However, it can be very problematic whenever you have unprotected sex. When you are pregnant, you are very much prone to contracting all sorts of diseases – even the kinds that are sexually transmitted. And you always want to stay safe about it.

3. You still maintain your drinking habits.

Alcohol and pregnancies just do not mix. There are numerous studies out there that have concluded that alcohol can be very harmful to an unborn baby. A glass of wine every now and then might be okay when the pregnancy is still new and fresh. But the safer route would be for you to just omit the alcohol altogether. Stick to water and fruit juices.

4. You engage in excessively intense physical activity.

If you’re someone who regularly lifts heavy weights or who runs marathons every weekend, you might want to cut back on the amount of exercise that you’re doing. If you’re a professional athlete, then you might want to take a break from competing for a while. It’s not advisable for any pregnant lady to put herself through the physical stress of intense physical training.

5. You don’t get enough exercise.

Just because you shouldn’t be engaging in intense physical activity doesn’t mean that you should just be lying in bed for the entire tenure of your pregnancy. You still want to be staying physically active. Studies have actually shown that engaging in moderate physical activity or exercise can help induce labor. Not to mention the fact that exercise is good for cardiovascular and respiratory health.

6. You drink too much coffee.

This is probably going to be bad news for you if you’re a coffee lover. However, you’re really going to have to limit the intake of your caffeine while you’re pregnant. Take note that caffeine can induce palpitations and irregular heartbeats which might not be good for the pregnancy. Caffeine is also a substance that is capable of penetrating the placenta.

7. You don’t have regular doctor’s appointments.

All throughout your pregnancy, your doctor is going to be your best friend. And you shouldn’t think it insignificant to have regular doctor’s visits from the start to the end. You always want to make sure that your doctor is staying on top of everything that is going on with your body. You want to have as healthy and as happy a pregnancy as possible.

8. You eat raw meat or processed foods.

Raw meats and processed foods can be really unhealthy for a pregnant woman. If you’re fond of consuming deli meats, then you’re definitely going to want to slow down. Deli meats often have nitrates that can be very bad for pregnancies. Raw meat can also be very dangerous because pregnant women often have compromised immune systems making them susceptible to infections and bacteria.

9. You ignore pains and sores in your body.

Naturally, as you’re going to go through your pregnancy, you are going to be feeling certain discomforts and unfavorable sensations in your body. This all comes with the territory of being pregnant. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be going through some significant pain. Whenever you feel like there’s something painful going on, it’s important that you seek the advice of a doctor. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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