7 Mistakes Women Make When They Want a Guy to Commit

Many women want a man who can commit to a relationship, but some don’t realize that their actions can frustrate men and make them hesitant to commit. Commitment can be scary for many guys, especially when they feel pressured. If you’re thinking about how to get a guy to commit, it’s important to know what not to do.

1. Untimely bringing the topic up

Sometimes, women might rush into commitment talks, thinking, “When will he commit?” But this kind of pressure can surprise men and push them away. It’s better not to bring it up if you’re already dealing with other problems or trying to focus on different things.

2. Saying it out of the blue

Sometimes, women can surprise their partners by suddenly asking about taking the relationship to the next level while doing everyday things like grocery shopping. This can catch them off guard, and they might not give it much thought. So, if you want to have this conversation, it’s better to choose a suitable time and be ready to talk about it seriously.

3. Always thinking negatively

Being with someone who is always negative not only hurts but it can also be exhausting. Men can’t handle this constant gloomy and pessimistic vibe for too long. It stops them from feeling good and brings their spirits down. So, they can’t imagine having a long-term relationship with this kind of woman. Also, having negative thoughts like thinking all men only want sex can make you feel less valuable and try to make your man commit to you.

4. Not considering what your partner feels

You could be thinking only about yourself in this situation, which is a big mistake. Your partner might notice this and decide that commitment isn’t what he wants. It’s essential to think about what your partner wants, not just why you want him to commit.

5. Comparing your situation with your friends

It’s a big mistake when you want your guy to commit because it usually doesn’t lead to good results. Men don’t like it when you compare your relationship to others. They might think you’re being petty or jealous. It could also make them wonder if you only want commitment because other people have it, not because you genuinely want it.

6. Making commitment plans without asking your partner

Planning for your future is a good thing, no doubt. But commitment can bring about many changes, and lots of men find this quite frightening. When you make these plans without discussing them with your partner, he’s more likely to disagree with them. So, it’s better to have a conversation with him about your plans. This way, you can work together to plan your future and your relationship based on what both of you want.

7. Talking about having children

This is certainly one of the most significant mistakes women make in relationships. When you’re not in an exclusive relationship yet, bringing up the topic of having children together is a big mistake. It can make him feel overwhelmed and see you as impulsive. It’s better to discuss this in the later stages of your relationship. Plus, many men date not just because they want to have kids but because they want a life partner.

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