9 Not-So-Obvious Signs That She’s About To End The Relationship

She’s about to end it.

There are so many words that we can use to describe women in general, but candid is never going to be one of them. That’s something that a lot of guys struggle with all the time. They feel that they’ve upset their women somehow, but they can never really know for sure because their girls would never admit it. So if you somehow sense that something is indeed wrong in your relationship, it’s either you can ask your girl about it outright, or you could just seek out the signs. Sometimes, even if you do reach out to your girl, she isn’t necessarily going to say anything to you. This is when you just have to take matters into your own hands and go on full detective mode.

Breakups are difficult. But they become infinitely more difficult when they blindside you. You don’t want to end up as the guy who thought that everything was going well in the relationship only to have everything crumble down on you like a bunch of bricks. You don’t want to get caught in such a compromising position. So it makes perfect sense for you to always keep tabs on your relationship. This way, if you notice that things are less than ideal, you actually have a chance at fixing things before they turn completely sour. Or at the very least, you can emotionally prepare yourself for the inevitable: a looming breakup.

Either way, it’s important for you to know when your girl is upset with you. Knowledge is power. And whatever you choose to do with that knowledge is entirely up to you. Here are a few subtle signs that your girl is about to end the relationship:

1. She doesn’t reciprocate your words of affection.

If you still try to make the effort by expressing words of intimacy towards her and she refuses to reciprocate this effort, then she is slowly checking out of the relationship. It shows that she doesn’t care much about giving back to you anymore.

2. She doesn’t go to you right away with important news about her life.

She used to come running to you to tell you about her latest promotion. She used to automatically call you whenever something significant happened in her life. But now, you find that you aren’t the priority anymore. You find out important stuff about her life from other people because she no longer feels compelled sharing important things with you.

3. Her mood shifts from warm and accommodating to cold and distant.

She always used to be so bubbly and fun towards you. She really opened herself up to you. But lately, she’s been acting like a real stranger that you barely know.

4. She starts doing things that are out of the ordinary.

She starts to develop new hobbies for herself. And these are things that she never would have tried in the past. Sometimes, these sudden behavioral shifts are a result of drastic emotional shifts. And it’s highly likely that her shift in emotions concerns you and your relationship.

5. She stops making an effort to argue with you.

If she used to argue with you passionately in the past, then it was only because she was incredibly passionate about you. She genuinely cared about what you thought and believed. She was very much invested in what you had to say about everything. But now, if she’s substantially less combative than before, then it’s because she is slowly detaching herself from the things that go through your mind.

6. She doesn’t get as upset when you screw up anymore.

She used to think so highly of you. She used to expect so much from you. That’s why it really upset her whenever you let your humanity show by screwing up. She would get so disappointed in you and she would let you know about it. But now, she has come to expect that you are always going to screw up because she doesn’t think much of you anymore.

7. She doesn’t seem up for date nights as much anymore.

She doesn’t enjoy going out with you as much as before. Her idea of a good time has changed. And perhaps it’s because she no longer has good times whenever she’s with you.

8. She no longer acts jealous or clingy.

If she used to act jealous and clingy in your life, it was only because she cared about you deeply. But now that you’ve broken apart. She feels like she doesn’t really have to be dependent on you anymore.

9. She is gradually loosening her commitment to you and to the relationship.

You know that she just isn’t putting as much effort as you would want her to anymore. She is slowly excluding herself from your romantic narrative and she’s slipping away. She’s no longer as present as she once was and over time, she’s no longer going to be present at all.

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