12 Things Guys Say That Immediately Turn Girls Off

Men, take notes.

Since the very moment a girlВ enters a relationship herВ friends, colleagues and family start passing different remarks. Everyone is asking questions about her relationship and about her significant other. Regardless of herВ relationship with her soul mate, there are many things that sheВ just can’t stand listening to. Here is a list of 15 things that a girl in a relationship just hates to listen.

1.  You were more fun when you were single.

I just hate to listen to this. Just because I’m not parting with you every other day you can’t blame me to be lame. I have my own personal life and you should give me that much space.

It is Okay that you miss your old buddy or best friend. But don’t make her feel guilty for having someone important in her life. Of course, she has to move on with life. She can’t be having the girl party all her life. She has to find her life partner to get settled in her life.В If you are her real friend instead of nagging you should feel happy for her.

2. Why are you with him?

Is that a problem? I am free to make my own decisions and I am very much happy about it. Don’t need your sarcastic remarks.

This is one of the lamest remarks. You really don’t have a right to question her choices. Don’t ask such things that can create doubts in her mind about her significant other.

3. You could do so much better.

Thank You for your opinion. Unless there is something really serious, otherwise I don’t want you to judge the choices I make in my life.

What are you trying to prove with this statement? Saying this to a girl you are not only degrading her life partner but also disgracing her choice. And certainly, she will not like it at all.

В 4.В I would have never pictured you two dating.

What exactly do you mean by that? Were you picturing yourself with him?

This is one of the most irritating things you can say to a girl in a recent relationship. She will for sure think that you have some fishy vibes in your mind about her life partner.

5. В When’s the wedding?

Come on I’ve just started high school. In any case, it’s none of your business.

If she has just started seeing him, don’t ask this stupid question. She will announce it whenever they are ready. Don’t push her in her life’s decisions with your silly questions.

6. Have you done XYZ yet?

Well, that’s none of your business. In fact, it is none of anyone’s business. Stay away.

One of the most irritating things to ask her is about her intimate life. Are you just curious or you are planning to try that out with her boyfriend later on? Never ask things that are too private and personal for a girl. Give her the privacy that is the right of every person.

7. I miss when we were both singles?

I know things have changed but I am happy for you and for myself. So should you be?

If you are her true friend then instead of making her feel awkward or guilty you should tell her that you are happy to see her settled. Don’t make her feel bad about her stepping into a relationship with her significant other.

8. Are you sure you are not wasting your time?

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. But I don’t think you are really that much worried about me.

That is so bad to say this to a girl who has just started her love life. You will make her nervous about her relationship and this statement of your’s will keep on buzzing in her head. Don’t try to spoil her relationship with her boy without any solid reason.

9. He cheated on you and you still haven’t broken up with him?

Well if I have accepted him what is your problem. Keep your stupid thoughts to yourself and just buzz off.

If someone has patched-up again or trying to work things out, don’t try to stir up the issue again. Let her reconcile things with her life partner. If she wants to give him a second chance you don’t have a right to question her.

10. Your boyfriend is Hot.

What plan do you have in mind for my boyfriend? Our friendship is ending right here.

Don’t say such a thing to any girl in a relationship. She will definitely feel insecure and chances are that she won’t see you again with along with her boyfriend.

11. Why do you let him treat you like that?

If you are really concerned with me you won’t be asking this question in such a sarcastic way. So you don’t really have a right to even say any such thing.

Most people who are struggling in their own relationship ask such questions. Such questions will just make herВ feel low about herself and her relationship with her friend. If she will ever have a problem and she considers you the right person to confide into she will come to you. Till that time just leave her alone.

12. Are you in Love?

Why do you wanna know? Do you want to telecast this on news channel?

It kind of gets irritating when people ask this question at the beginning of a relationship. The girl might be still thinking and still confused about her feelings. If she is being bumped time and again with this question, she will definitely hate it.

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