9 Reasons Why Women Typically Aren’t As Sexually Inclined As Men Are

You’ve probably been told by so many magazine articles, social media posts, and even real-life female friends that women are going to want to have sex as much as men do. They say that women have a secret wild side and that they have a leaning towards promiscuity just as much as men.

They say that women are the same with men when it comes to getting psyched about actually scoring. And the people who perpetuate these ideas can say it all they want but it wouldn’t make it true. The truth is that in real-world practice, it’s hardly ever going to be the case. And a lot of men are going to be able to attest to this based on their own experiences in the relationships that they are in.

So, why is that the case to begin with? Why do women not seem so keen on the idea of having sex as much as men do? Well, it turns out that there are some really reasonable biological reasons as to why this is so.

And it doesn’t really always have to do with the love in a relationship just diminishing (that is very rarely the case). That is why before you decide to just give up on your woman and go in search of some new meat, you might want to understand where she’s coming from beforehand.

1. She wants to feel love first.

She has to fall in love with you first. Or at the very least, she wants to establish a semblance of love with you. Women tend to be more emotional than they are physical. Sex isn’t just some kind of physical activity for them. They are going to want to be able to connect with you on an emotional level before they get into the sack with you.

2. She gets distracted.

She might just have other things on her mind for the most part and that’s why she isn’t going to be in the mood. Maybe she’s thinking about something that she needs to accomplish for work. Maybe she would rather find out what happened on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Her not wanting to have sex with you might not even have anything to do with you.

3. She isn’t as physically active as you.

It’s no secret that men are just going to be physically fitter than women in most ways. And at the end of the day, it’s just more likely that a man is going to have more energy and life than a woman. Having sex after a long and tiring day doesn’t seem like a lot of fun especially when you’re exhausted.

4. She is letting her insecurities get to her.

She might just be feeling insecure. It’s not that she doesn’t think of having sex with you would be terrible. She is just afraid of the many ways that you would be able to judge her while you’re having sex. Sex is a very vulnerable activity between two people after all.

5. She is dealing with a mood.

She might be feeling cranky because of something that you said to her earlier in the day. She might be feeling anxious over a project that she’s overseeing at the office. She might be feeling sad from a recent tragedy that has befallen her. Sometimes, her feelings can get in the way and it will prevent her from getting into the mood.

6. She is punishing you for something.

She might just be withholding sex from you because she wants you to teach you a lesson. Maybe you really screwed up in the relationship and you have to do your part to get her back on your good side.

7. She is withholding sex for something that she wants from you.

She might also be using sex as a kind of bargaining chip for you. She wants to get you to do something and only once you complete it will she have sex with you.

8. She doesn’t want you to see her as an object of pleasure.

Some women are afraid of being too easy for their men. And so, they will try to withhold sex as a way to make sure that he still stays with her for the other reasons as well. She doesn’t want to be seen as a mere object of a man’s sexual fantasies.

9. Her age is just getting lowering her libido.

It’s no secret that as women get older, their estrogen levels are going to decrease over time. This is especially true for women who are close to or are already experiencing menopause. When there is a decreased level of estrogen, then that also entails a decreased level of libido. And when the libido levels are low, it can be hard for her to get into a mood.

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