9 Signs That He’s A Real Heartbreaker And You Should Be Careful

Be careful to not let the heartbreaker break your heart.

He’s not really interested in being in a real relationship with you. Just learn to face the truth.

OF course, the moment that your heart starts to develop feelings for another person, everything can get a little cloudy – especially in your mind. You suspend your judgement and critical thinking to pave the way for your overwhelming feelings and emotions.

And that’s never a good thing. You don’t want to let yourself get carried away by your own feelings. You don’t want to blind yourself to the bad signs and omens that you need to be on the lookout for. But sometimes, that’s what love can do for us. We want to find love in our lives so badly that we sometimes let the desperation get the better of us.

When you are first starting to get infatuated with a person, there is a tendency that you will only be focusing on that person’s pluses and positives. You will turn a blind eye to the things that you really need to be looking out for. There are little red flags that sprout up during the early phases of attraction and you can’t afford to be ignoring them.

Of course, deep in your heart, your instincts are already telling you to be careful. Your subconscious understands that something isn’t right here and you need to get to the bottom of it. And you really need to be able to pay attention to your gut during these situations.

However, if you’re really in the business of protecting your heart and making sure that you don’t get hurt in the long run, you need to open your eyes. Put your feelings on hold for a minute and take a step back. Take a long hard look at the situation that you’re in.

See what your “relationship” really looks like and make a call from there. Make sure you keep an eye out for these red flags. Because if they apply to him, then it’s likely that he’s going to end up breaking your heart.

1. He doesn’t really introduce you to his friends.

He isn’t going to introduce you to his friends because he knows that you’re just going to be a temporary person in his life. There would be no point in introducing you to them because your relationship isn’t going to last anyway. Even his friends already know this.

2. He develops a suspicious interest in one or a few of your friends.

Be very careful if you notice this about him. He may just be using you to get closer to a particular friend of yours. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be used and manipulated in such a manner. You are not a stepping stone. You don’t deserve to be treated in such a way.

3. He guilts you for caring too much about the relationship.

If he’s making you feel guilty for caring too much about the relationship that you’re in, then you know that that’s a bad sign. You should never be made to feel bad about caring for your relationship. He’s only guilting you because he doesn’t care about your relationship himself.

4. He doesn’t open up about his life to you on a deep level.

He isn’t going to want to let you in at all. He doesn’t trust you – and he has no interests in allowing himself to trust you at all. He wants to keep you at a distance so that it’s easier for him to leave you in the dust when he gets tired of you.

5. He doesn’t make an effort to help you out with your life.

He doesn’t really try to make you feel like he’s there for you. He leaves you to fend for yourself all of the time.

6. He consistently chooses his friends over you.

He doesn’t really consider you as a priority. To him, you are essentially expendable. He would rather make time for his friends than for you. Just goes to show how lowly he regards your relationship.

7. He dismisses your insecurities and worries as if they don’t matter.

He doesn’t really make you feel like he listens to you. He doesn’t give importance to your feelings or emotions. He isn’t really invested or interested in whatever you might have to say to him.

8. He doesn’t act like a genuine gentleman around you.

He doesn’t really make an effort to put forth his best self around you and that’s a sign that he doesn’t really care about what kind of impression he is having on you. In other words, your feelings for him are practically irrelevant to him.

9. He never makes the effort to communicate you when you’re apart from one another.

If you’re the one who is constantly sending the first text; or if you’re in a room together and you’re the one who has to constantly think of topics to keep the conversation going, then he’s not really interested in you. He doesn’t really care much for connecting with you. And he’s probably going to break your heart eventually.

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