If He Makes You Feel These 4 Things, He’s A Keeper, Congrats

It feels great to be in a relationship with your crush, someone you’ve had your eyes on for a while, someone with whom you’ve always felt a connection. It’s the kind of happiness and satisfaction that gives you butterflies in your stomach. But what’s even better than a great relationship with someone you like is the bond you create with your soul mate. Someone who makes you feel like you belong with them, who knows you from the core of your soul, who brings out the best in you, changes your life for the better and makes you feel like you’re never alone. You two have each other’s’ heart you are essentially two bodies but one soul.

To find that kind of a connection with someone is a rare and beautiful experience. It makes one feel like they’re so much stronger on the inside. Love becomes the driving force and the guiding light in their lives. Loving someone so purely and being loved in return like that, with all the honesty someone has to offer feels empowering. It makes you think a little and even much less lost in a world full of people who don’t love you in that special way your significant other loves you. This bond is something out of this world. It belongs to the realms of spirituality, something that goes way beyond lust and temporarily lasting feelings of admirations and affections. This relationship becomes a part of you. It leaves permanent impressions on your personality and even shapes you into who you grow into to a certain extent.

That is the kind of relationship this person will give you. If this is the kind of experience your relationship has been for you and if your partner does the following things, then you’re the lucky one. Not everyone gets to be loved this way. Consider it a blessing and keep reading to find out what these things are:

1. You feel your life getting better every day:

Has your chest suddenly started to feel lighter? Are you beginning to look forward the next day every night? You’re smiling and laughing more often. You’re in high spirits, and everything feels nice it feels like nothing can break you or bring you down. You’re feeling happier and stronger. You’re feeling like your life is starting to fall together finally. You’re feeling the kind of positive vibes you’ve never felt before. You’re lucky because you’ve finally met the person who has made the world a better for you to be in, life a little easier, sadness and negativity more bearable for you with their light.

2. You both have honest conversations:

Do you feel like you’ve become blessed with the opportunity to talk about whatever you want with your partner? The two of you have most, completely open conversations for hours and hours. The two of you have nothing to fake or hide when you’re talking to one another. They’ve given you the chance to discuss your deepest truths and darkest truths with them, and you’ve finally found the person who despite knowing everything there is to know about you, is here to watch you grow and to stay by your side through the end. Hold onto this because it’s not every day that you’ll meet someone who will love you regardless of the things you’ve done and the life you’ve lived.

3. They’re your best friend:

This person has become your closest friend with time. They’re your shoulder to cry on, and you never have to hide anything about yourself around them. You both understand each other effortlessly; you can read each other’s’ mind like an open book. There’s more friendship between the two of you instead of just love. You don’t have to give them explanations about what you’re thinking and what you’re doing. They cheer for you and support you more than anyone else, and they’re family to you. This kind of a connection that binds the two of your not because of love but also with genuine appreciation, respect and friendship can withstand storms and remain as strong as ever.

4. You nurture each other’s personality:

You both help each other grow into better people every day. It doesn’t stop at kisses or sex just the general physical and emotional intimacy in which a normal couple may indulge. This person is your person to count on. They’re your mentor watching over you like a shadow everywhere you go. They make you feel like no matter what happens, and you won’t have to ever deal with anyone on your own. They are your prime source of support and motivation. They help you learn every day. They don’t let the flame within you die out. They do everything they can to keep it alive.

They nurture your personality and protect your all kind of negativity coming your way. They love you, and it shows in everything they do. There’s no demand for explanations and excuses; there’s no harsh criticism or blame game. They’re never too hard on you. This kind of a partner makes you feel loved, protected and sheltered. Ts a gift from above that you should hold onto as tight as you can.
You’re more than lucky to be in a relationship like this. The two of you can always forgive each other and find your way back to this bond that keeps you going. You both are on the same page about the relationship. It feels like a beautiful journey through the good and the bad, enriching your life along the way. It’s your lucky charm. You’ve found yourself a keeper.

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