8 Things That All Men Look For In The Women They Date

Nope. Men don’t just want a trophy wife that they can show off to the world. Men aren’t interested in a woman who is merely eye candy; someone who only exists to serve his visual and sexual pleasures. Well, at least not the quality men. The quality men in this contemporary world are going to want so much more than just a pretty woman to look at. These men are going to want actual character depth and personality. These men are going to want to be with women of substance.

And if you are looking to be your best self, then you need to make sure that you turn yourself into a woman who is more than just a pretty face. You can’t just make it all about your looks. It can’t be just about looking pretty and being beautiful all of the time. You have to show him that there is so much more to who you are as a person.

Granted, you never want to turn yourself into someone you’re not. And it’s always important to stress that fact. You should never just be so willing to change the fundamentals of your personality into one that you’re not comfortable with having. But at the end of the day, there is always something to improve upon. There is always something that you can work on.

If you are genuinely interested in knowing how to attract the right kind of guy, then you should definitely read on until the end of this article. You are going to want to build on a few personality traits and characteristics that you might have. Sure, you can put on the prettiest dress and wear the most amazing makeup. But if you have a crappy personality to go along with it, then it’s practically moot.

So, without much further ado, here are 6 things that all men look for in their women.

1. Honesty

A man is never going to want to be led on or deceived. A man is never going to want to find himself in the dark about anything. That’s why you have to show him that he can always rely on you to tell him the truth. You have to prove to him that he can count on you to keep it real with him even when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable to do so. A man isn’t going to respond too well to being lied to.

2. Humility

Stay humble. Show him that you are humble enough to acknowledge that you aren’t perfect and that there is always plenty of room for improvement. Apologize whenever you are wrong and always express a willingness to change for the better for the sake of the relationship.

3. Kindness

Kindness is something that everyone should always look to espouse in their lives. A kind person is always going to be infinitely more attractive than a rude one. Be kind whenever you can regardless of where you are or who you are with.

4. Sensitivity

A man is going to be attracted to a woman who is sensitive and empathetic; a woman who always manages to keep his needs and desires in mind. You can’t afford to be selfish if you want to win over the heart of a guy. You have to show him that you are thoughtful and sensitive enough to accommodate his needs in the relationship as well.

5. Ambition

Men are always going to be attracted to women of ambition. There is something so inherently attractive about a woman who has dreams for herself and actually has the determination to pursue those dreams. When you put your ambitiousness on display, it shows that you are resilient and that you are always looking to improve or uplift the current condition of your life.

6. Independence

Don’t be the clingy girl who can’t survive or thrive in life outside of a relationship. You have to show him that you have what it takes to make it in this world on your own. He is going to appreciate a woman who manages to hold on to her independence and individuality even if the two of you get into an intimate relationship with one another.

7. Strength

A strong woman is a very attractive woman. You have to show him that you have the strength to butt heads with him if necessary. Quality men will always want to be with strong women who are able to keep them check. They will want to be with a woman who can push them and challenge them to be better men than they already are.

8. Commitment

And of course, commitment. A man is always going to want to be with a woman who shows a willingness to commit to him and to the relationship. You have to prove to him that you are going to be a dependable and reliable partner who he can always count on to be there. You have to commit to being consistent with him.

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