9 Signs that Someone is Nervous around You

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There are a number of reasons in which a person might act weird or uncomfortable around you. Human beings are social creatures, but that doesn’t mean that we thrive in all kinds of social situations. Maybe a misunderstood comment or an insensitive gesture can derail the dynamics of human interaction without you even realizing it. That’s normal. You just have to learn from these situations and try to grow from them in order for you to forge better relationships moving forward. Eventually, these kinds of social interactions will become more intuitive and second-nature to you in the long run.

Although, there are just some instances wherein it isn’t your behavior that will impact the way a person is around you. Sometimes, it’s just the way that you are. Perhaps there’s something about your personality and character that can disarm another person without you knowing. And people will deal with this nervousness in a number of different ways. Whenever this is the case, if you’re looking to get closer to this person, you should take it upon yourself to make them feel more at ease and comfortable with you. However, you wouldn’t be able to do this if you didn’t know that they were nervous around you, to begin with.

This is exactly where this article comes in. All you really need is a healthy dose of self-awareness. If you are aware of certain signs or behaviors that certain people exhibit when they’re nervous, then you have a better command of your social interactions. You would be able to react accordingly and treat them better to make them less vulnerable or insecure about themselves when they’re around you. Nervousness is a very common sensation in a human being. This is why it’s not something that should be laughed at or ridiculed.

Knowing the Signs

Again, it’s all about figuring out the signs and making sure that you notice them whenever they present themselves. This article is going to help you figure out what the signs are for when a person is nervous around you. Maybe they’re nervous because they like you. Perhaps they’re nervous because they’re afraid of you. It’s possible that they are intimidated by you. Whatever the case, knowing that they’re nervous is the first step to establishing a closer relationship with that person.

1. They act very stiff and rigid around you.

It’s going to be as if they’re a robot when they’re around you. They won’t really move around a lot. It will be like you’re interacting with some kind of mannequin with their stiffness and rigidness. It’s like their nervousness has paralyzed them to be like that.

2. They fidget a lot.

Of course, the polar opposite of being stiff and rigid is being fidgety. This is also a sign of nervousness in a person. They will keep on moving their hands or arms a lot. They might be pacing. This is all because they have a lot of pent up nervous energy that they need to channel into physical actions.

3. They laugh at things forcibly.

Nervous laughter. Ever heard of it? This is also a very common sign of nervousness in people. You will start noticing it when they laugh at things that aren’t even supposed to be funny. It’s their way of trying to defuse the tension between the two of you.

4. They act closed off against you.

Do they have their arms crossed? Are their legs or hips facing another direction when talking to you? This could be a sign that they’re feeling nervous while they’re interacting with you. It means that they’re uncomfortable with opening themselves up with you and their subconscious is setting up these defense mechanisms to make them feel less vulnerable.

5. They don’t make eye contact with you.

Eye contact is something you ever only do with someone who you’re comfortable with. This is why a lot of people will be incapable of making eye contact whenever they’re lying about something. So, try to see if the person you’re talking to is establishing eye contact with you. If they’re not, it’s probably because they’re nervous about something.

6. They just agree with everything you tell them.

One telltale sign that a person is nervous around you is when they just constantly agree with everything you say. They don’t try to engage in any meaningful dialogue with you. Rather, they just keep nodding their heads and don’t add anything to the conversation.

7. They ramble nonsensically.

Aside from not saying anything at all, another sign that a person is nervous is when they’re saying too much. Whenever a person goes to ramble nonsensically, this is often a sign that they’re nervous. Their mind is telling them to keep on talking even when they don’t even have anything of value that’s worth saying anymore.

8. They talk in a higher pitch than usual.

Lastly, you will notice that they’re nervous whenever they’re talking in a pitch that is much higher than their usual voice. This is because their nerves are compromising the way that they talk and they aren’t able to maintain a sense of calmness or serenity when expressing themselves.


There you have it. Those are the signs that someone is feeling nervous whenever they’re around you. If this is the case, you need to do your part in making sure that they don’t let their nerves get to them. Make them feel like they can just relax and be at ease with you. Sometimes, it helps if you just address their nervousness head on. Other times, you don’t always have to be so direct. Whatever the case, you should do your part in making them feel like they shouldn’t have to be so tense.

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