9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Thinking About Breaking Up With You

Are they thinking about breaking up with you?

Nothing compares to the stress and anxiety of being in a relationship with someone who is in a perpetual bad mood. You know that there’s a serious problem in your relationship and that it’s something that may eventually lead to the demise of your romance. Sure, a lot of relationships will go through some low points. But what you have is different. It’s no longer just a temporary stretch that you’re going through. It seems like the negativity has rooted itself in your relationship and it’s going to be hard to salvage anything that’s left behind. Relationships come with lots of drama and sometimes, the drama can be very unhealthy and unnecessary. You have to start paying closer attention to your relationship if you want to make sure that things don’t make a permanent turn for the worst.

Of course you don’t want to be worrying about anything that isn’t sure, right? So try to relax and put your mind at ease. You never know when you’re just being paranoid and you’re just creating worst case scenarios in your own mind. However, you still have to remain vigilant. To put yourself out of misery, and to prepare yourself for the worst, you have to be able to scout for the signs that your partner really is intending to break up with you.

1. He no longer prioritizes you in his life.

It used to be that he would make all sorts of compromises for you. He would willingly give up so much of his time for you. He would coerce himself into doing things that he’s not comfortable with just to make you happy. He used to always place your needs above his own but it’s no longer like that this time around. He starts being more selfish and there’s not much you can do about it.

2. He starts to emotionally distance himself from you.

You can feel it. He is growing colder and colder in your presence. He no longer makes an effort to open up to you. In fact, he is literally distancing himself from you by avoiding any physical contact with you as much as possible. He no longer likes being in your presence because for him, the relationship is a stressful environment.

3. He tells you that the relationship is stressing him out.

The one way that you can really tell when things are going sour if he starts complaining to you about the state of your relationship and he doesn’t give a solution any of your problems. It would be different if he wanted to talk about an issue in your relationship with the intention of finding a way to solve it. But now he’s just bringing up problem after problem without a care to even remedy the situation.

4. He cancels on your dates more often.

That’s never a good sign. It means he would rather spend his time doing other things or being with other people. It means that somehow your presence upsets him and he would rather find more productive ways to go about his day. – Continue reading on the next page

5. He stops expressing an interest in your life.

When a person is truly in love with you, he would make all the efforts in the world to find out more about your life. He would always be concerned about you and how you spent your day. He would ask you about work or your family. But now that you feel like things are falling apart, he just stops asking you questions about your life completely.

6. You are constantly feeling stressed and anxious in the relationship.

All that sense of comfort and ease in the relationship is gone. You feel like you have to walk on eggshells whenever you’re around your partner. You always think that another argument is waiting to hit you right in the head. You’re even afraid that he’s going to break up with you any day now. You just never feel any sense of stability in the relationship anymore.

7. He doesn’t put an effort into making you happy anymore.

He used to be all about making you happy. Nothing gave him more fulfillment than seeing an actual smile on your face. Now, he couldn’t care less about how you’re feeling. Whether you’re happy, angry, frustrated, sad, bored, or disappointed, it just doesn’t interest him anymore. He’s somehow grown indifferent to you.

8. He now prefers to hang out with you in group settings.

It’s awkward for him to spend time with you alone. Yikes. Are you even still considering yourselves to be in a relationship at this point?

9. He shies away from making long-term plans with you.

Of course he’s not going to give you an answer about that friend’s wedding you want him to attend with you 3 months from now. He doesn’t even know if you’re still going to be together 3 weeks from now. He’s just going to avoid making any commitments with you because he knows the end is near and you should probably brace yourself for whatever is coming.

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