9 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Is Trying To Get Closer To You

7. She tries to get closer to you on a physical level.

She is practically glued to you at the hip at this point. She’s always hanging on to your arm. She is kissing you a lot more. She asks for so many hugs. She’s trying to reconnect with you on a physical level; to further bridge whatever distance is forming between you.

8. She brings up past memories that you’ve had together.

She is trying to remind you of everything that you used to be. And she’s doing it as a way to get you focused back on what you could be as a couple. She’s trying to use nostalgia as a way to entice you to treat her better.

9. She wants to talk about the future a lot.

She is trying to help you keep your eyes on the prize. She wants you to realize that you’re not merely living for the moment; that both of you have a future in your relationship that you need to secure as a couple.

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