10 Subtle Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You

Of course, you would always want to assume that your man never lies to you. You would always want to believe that somehow, he is always going, to be honest, and upfront with you about the things that are on his mind. But alas, we don’t live in a fantasy world. Men lie.

And that also includes the men who love you. But don’t worry. Just because he lies to you every now and then doesn’t meant that he loves you less. It’s just that a lot of us as human beings have this innate need to find ways to protect ourselves. And when he lies, it’s only because he doesn’t want to get himself into trouble with you.

Some lies are harmless. Some lies are harmful. It all really depends on the situation. But ultimately, it’s rare to find relationships that are filled with complete honesty. There are always going to be a few deceits, hidden truths, and misdirection every now and then.

It’s just part of human nature. And if you’re curious about the kind of stuff that your man is lying to you about; then this article is for you. He is a list of the 10 things that your man has told you which are probably total lies.

1. “No, of course, I don’t find your friend hot.”

He probably finds at least one or two of your friends really hot; he just doesn’t want to tell you. He doesn’t want you to think that you’re going to have to compete for his attention with anyone. And that’s fine. You shouldn’t take it as a big deal. So as long as he doesn’t act on his attraction for your friend, you should be fine.

2. “I’m always thinking about you whenever we’re apart.”

He’s definitely thinking of other things whenever you’re apart. And that’s fine. You can’t hate him for that. He has his own life. His mind doesn’t constantly have to be consumed with thoughts of you at every given moment.

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